Jetting once again

160 main, red #4, 45 pilot will be better. You need a richer pilot to help with the leaner needle of the red. 42 pilot works better with a blue rich needle. My bike even runs good with a 48 pilot in the summer but the idle runs on the rich side which is good for real hot days to keep the engine cooler. I like you have rejetted so many times it becomes ridiculous. But after 3 months of jetting experience early last year I now jet for the conditions and smile. Find out what your bike likes and then run with it for the weather. Dont be afraid to run richer on the pilot. :thumbsup:

Indy, what altitude are you at and do think your setup is OK for 4500 Ft.? And Ddialouge where you at? I know you have the JD Jetting and you should be about the same altitude in Idaho, so what are you running?

Try a powernow, I think it will smooth out things for you with the JD kit, it sure helped my carb response and I almost wore my bike out taking off the carb over and over. I haven't even touched it since last Fall and have ridden from Baja to Oregon mountains. The bike hits from down low and just keeps coming on. If James's settings don't work you might want to try and find some other sourse of the problem. There are a lot of guys on here who have had his setup work. Good Luck Big Jim :thumbsup:

YamahaRichey, I run my bike at Moab and Colorado rockies as well. I have run a 48 pilot as high as 10,800. feet. It is really rich (way too rich). I recommend the stock 45 pilot for above 8000 feet. In Moab at 5000 feet I like to run the 48 pilot. I have had the power now on for over a year. I think it really helps the bottom end throttle response. I am on the 45 pilot right now getting ready for Colorado in June and I have noticed a little less grunt down low just off idle at my elevation of 700 feet. I really notice the 48 pilot pulling wheelies easier over stumps and logs without the clutch. I am going to put the 48 pilot back in after my Colorado trip. I think the thing to note is that the pilot circuit really plays a big role in low rpm off idle throttle response. I know the 48 pilot runs rich but I have never fouled a plug. My current jetting is listed below in my signature :thumbsup:

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