I'd like to run the Garmin V on my 650's power supply using the 12V adapter. How does one do this?

I was kinda figuring a stator from Rickeys than I neeed sonething to rectify what comes out of the stock regulator???

Help me!


Philippines :thumbsup:

Give Cycoactive a call-they can talk ya thru it if need be--plus they have been really helpful preparing my Dakar cockpit-well worth supporting that business!

Mounting is another discussion-although you may already have a mount set up... Guys in the Dualsport group have good input on that. Remote antenna is another thing...pc map downloads, mounts, GPS choice, power source: more to it than meets the eye! Let us know how it goes :thumbsup:

Shoot, thats too much money for the converter and adapter, and Cycoactive already told me they dont do orders outside the US, so what I'll look for is a small 12V battery pack that i can keep under the seat and than run the power cable up to the handlebar.

Has anyone ever rode hard with the batteries in the GPS?

Will a Garmin V handle the bashing with the batteries inside?

If ya go with the batteries in the GPS--put some dielectric grease between contact points, then some electrical tape around the outside. is a good one for those unfortunate souls who dont live in the USA...

I have a Garmin RINO 120 which has a weird voltage requierment, 4.5 VDC. Any GPS with internal batteries will hammer the battery contacts, and ruin the GPS unit. I bought a small 4 AA cell remote battery box, and only run 3 batteries (4.5 volts) wired into my GPS unit. The battery contacts in the remote can get hammered after a while, but it only cost $3.00 to replace.

I have pics of my mounting, PM your e-mail address if you like, and I'll send them to you.


Pipnit off the xr650r board here. The touratech converter available from cycoactive is the best thing out there. This IS the ticket. You can run your mapV off batteries for 6 hours no problem if you you tape them together, under some tension. I have the same GPS and a touratech holder with a RAM and it's the bomb.

this is the same mount I had on my XR650R, it worked well, kinda pricey though but NO vibration is transmitted to the GPS unit :thumbsup:



Mine is hardwired on the DRZ but I only had AA battery power when it was on the XR and never had a prob. I kept a couple spare batteries on me just in case but never needed them.

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