for sale

2001 YZ426, bought new in Dec., scotts dampner, renthals, fastline brake lines, one industries graphics, new xring and sprockets, new pirelli rear tire w/ dunlop 756 front, remote hot start, pro-moto end cap w/ removeable spark arrestor. Getting out for a while. Asking $4800

Norman Kissam

Beaumont, TX


409-504-6676 (cell--anytime)


Mind If I ask Why ya leaving the ride

Just getting burnt out, gonna take a break for a while, do something mature, like buy a house. Ill be back.


buying a house? Shoot some money and live in the garage :) Good Luck selling your bike. It is a nice YZ BTW Later,



Would you mind selling some of the add-ons you put on the bike seperately?

If so I'd be interested in the dampner.

Thanks for the interest but its all or none, I dont want to end up keeping the bike and having to buy another dampner, wouldnt ride without it.


I know someone who is looking for a 426 and he was wondering if you would take $4000 for it?

check your p.m.


Price dropped to $4500.


Hey since you dropped it to 4,500 would you take 4,200? :)

Without the stabilizer, I would take it, how are you gonna get it?


if that guy buys it without the scotts for 4200 sell me the stabilizer.

Guess he wasnt serious, still for sale.

Ok, any reasonable offers? I need to sell this thing soon.


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