Need advice on a 2001 YZF426

I read an ad about a 2001 YZF426 for sale, $2500, is this a good price? also I do not know anything about this bike, I have been riding a modified KDX200, which is fast but lacks the torque that I am looking for, I took a friends XR400 out for a ride and thought it was heavy, low on power, but could climb anything, I also owned a DRZ400 which I did not like either. I have been riding all of my life (44 years old), I ride fairly agressive, I am looking for a bike to race enduros for the first time next year.

any advice from you guys would be appreciated.

Here are the specs:

1. LCS system II suspension,

( w/ race tech Gold Vavles, and front and rear springs;

set for 175 lbs expert x-country rider)

2. White Bros exhaust

3. Titanium header

4. Black Excel wheels

5. Works alum. skid plate

6. 3.2 IMS tank+ stock tank

7. Cycra bark busters

8. Moose heavy duty rear rotor

9. Moose Steel braided brake line

10. $300 carb mod. (Apparently re-vents carb some how making it start easier

11. Dr. D hot start

12. Pro tapers

13. Scott stearing dampner mount

14. Extra seat and plastic

15. 4.5 oz flywheel weight

+ more.

well the 426 is gonna be lighter and more aggressive than the XR and the drz without question. if your used to an electric start the 426 is a little more tricky starting. it will be a big jump in performance from your current bike and the price looks good for the amount of mods he has done to it.

That sounds like a great price, especially considering all the mods, assuming everything is in good shape. I would jump all over that one. In this area most people are asking $3500 or even more sometimes for 426's.

It looks like the current owner has it pretty well set up for enduro so you won't really need to do much if anything to it. :thumbsup:

Have you looked at it. The low price and the nature of th emods makes me think it might have been raced hard.

Hopefully the condition is great, but it never hurts to be cautious.

I am going to look at it Saturday, the owner is in the air force and is being transfered to North Dakota, which is why the low price.

what should I look for as far as problems with the YZF426?

Anything that suggests poor maintenence habits; funky air filters, dirty oil, etc.

Things that suggest a lot of hours on the bike.

Check the clutch to for smooth engagement. if it's grabby and/or drags, it could have a bad basket and be generally beat up.

The 01' was a solid year, by then most of the bugs were gone. I've never heard of that carb mod though, that's interesting.

Anyway, check the normal stuff. Have a look at the air filter, oil and oil filter, it should all be spotless. Some very small flakes of metal in the oil filter are normal, big chunks are not. If the oil is black don't buy it. That means he didn't even change it to impress a potential buyer, so he definitely didn't change it on schedule. These things do require more maintenance then something like an XR, and that includes more frequent oil changes. In short, that's a good year, if it's in good shape then go for it!

I will agree if the bike looks good and not too beat the price is low. I will worn you the bike takes time to learn to start. It's a good and bad thing but can be elimitated at a small price. The good thing is nobody will ask to take your bike for a ride, because if you don't know the drill forget it. The bad is the drill itself it just takes time. In a race expect to get passed as you do the drill after a stall. You can change the cam to an auto-decomp cam and this makes starting a dream. Your eyes may bleed from the read but all the info is in this forum. I was ready to sell my bike. I have now done the cam mod plus others that TT has brought to my attention. I can tell you now it's a hole new bike with gobbs of power. I say go for it the 426 is a really good bike. It leans to to heavy side but when in flight the feel is normal. Good luck let us know. :thumbsup:

Thanks to everybody for their helpful advice, I will probably buy it if the bike checks out.

One specific part I look at on all used bikes is the lower frame rails directly under the engine. Most people never bother to clean this area. It also shows signs if it has been jumped a lot (or short) by having smashed tubes.

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