weird noise

Hey guys, I bought a 95' RMX (I know, it's a two stroke). Well, I just got the bike back from a rebuild on friday. The bike seized so I had a new topend done and the mechanic said the rotor was destroyed and the power valves were shot. So, $700 later, I am breaking the bike in on saturday and it starts making a noise. The noise sounds like a rolling low knocking noise coming from the clutch side of the engine. The funny thing is, it completey stops when I pull the clutch in. Any ideas? :)

Aren't those machines notorious for having clutch problems? Perhaps you might benefit from searching the internet for that particular machine. Good luck.

anyone? anyone??

Id make sure the clutch hub is tight. Start there. Something is wrong, riding it could be dangerous to your body and wallet.

Open that sucker up and make sure everything is tight as ShawnMC said. My buddy had a similiar problem. Turned out he forgot to torque a nut down and the clutch was wobbleing around.

Thanks for the replies guys, I don't have a manual for this bike unfortunatly so how do I check the bolts for tightness? Keep in mind I have never looked at a clutch in one of these bikes before. Thank you

i had a cr250 that made that same noise for three years the stock clutch plates were banging against the clutch basket when a replaced the clutch plates with barrnet ones the tabs one the end of the plates were a little wider so there was much less play (almost none maybe 1-2mm)between the plates and basket then all the noises stoped, but before i replaced the cluch it made this noise for three years with no problems if that seems to be what is making the noise i wouldn't worrie too much mine had about 1/8 of play before the new clutch plates and 1mm after

Thanks yzf, much appreciated, I guess I just won't worry about it than. I haven't started it since saturday becuase I was scared I was going to bust something apart. I call Suzuki where they did the engine work and there reply was "for another $100 I'll look at it and see whats wrong". This coming from the dealer that got me for $700 just 3 days prior. :)

yznvegas, i wouldnt just ride it. It doesnt cost anything to pop that cover off and look. If the clutch hub is loose, the entire clutch assembly will wobble. If ya ride it, be careful. I wouldnt take and runs at any doubles with a big penalty for coming up short if that thing lets go on ya.

Shawn, how do I know what nut to check? I would love to tear this pig down and look at it but I don't know what I am looking at???

hey vegas, i had the same problem with my yz250. The clutch pressure plate was loose. i tightened it up and it quited down a little, but a little low humming/ratteling is normal fromt he clutch.

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