Brake Bleeding?

I just installed a new brake line and I am having a hard time getting all of the air out of my brake system. I initially filled the brake system through the bottom by using some fuel line and a pump bottle til brake fluid came up through the reservoir at the master cylinder. After doing this the brake lever would engage when it was very close to the grip and I think air was still in the line. Do you guys push the caliper pistons in before bleeding the brake through the bottom? I then bled the brakes the normal way but still tons of air bubbles were coming out and I could not get them all out. Do you guys have any tips or other ideas??? Thanks

You are almost "there". Continue with bleeding from the bottom now. Once you are satisfied that no more air is being bled from the bottom, tap on the brakeline with your wrench. . . all the way from as near to the caliper and then work your way to the master cylinder, and then bleed again. If you go through all the steps of bleeding and the brake is still mushy, look for a leak. Those metal "o" rings can sometimes not make a good seal. Look for leaks.

Try bleeding it the regular way after fluid is in it. All you have to do is make shure you open the bleed valve with pressure on the pedal or lever, and make shure you close the valve before the lever hits the end. Also make shure your resivior doesn't run dry.

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if you haven't done it already, hang your entire brake assembly up somewhere to allow the air to rise naturally in your brake line. The loop that exists in your brakeline while installed maybe very difficult to bleed.

I replaced my brake line w/ SS, and pumped it all in from the bottom. Worked quite well. But I did hang my brake assembly as already mentioned.

Get a Mity Vac II - I Picked one up for about 25$ I think. Make sure you teflon tape the bleed screw (but not the 'hole') & make sure your reservoir doesnt empty itself when using. If you have installed stock brake line routing, definately do as NH Kevin suggests otherwise you may still end up with some air bubbles in the kink - however, the mityvac should take care of those.

I guess you have removed your brake pads to avoid getting brake fluid on them - also clean your disk with acetone if it has had any fluid spilled on will get into your pads and you wont brake anymore!!! Makes for interesting riding !!

Mighty Vac is the only way to go. harbor frieght $25 same exact bleader sells for $50 at Napa. You'll end up bleeding your brakes every time the fluid gets a little dake and it keeps your brake feeling crisp.

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