Looking for a front rim for XR650L

Hello all I am looking for a front rim for my XR650L. Does anyone have a spare or know of a good source?




I have seen complete wheels with hubs etc... on Ebay frequently.

Thanks but I see the prices they go for also, kinda like the corbin seats.

I have a great hub, spokes, and brake but I need a rim. I can't even find a supplier for the front due to the 32 spokes. any other ideas?




Are you sure you have 32 spokes.i just referenced my Chapparal catalog and all full sized Hondas list the same part #.(36 holes-i dont know if that includes the rim lock/vlv.stem holes?)I'm pretty sure Honda didn't make a special rim just for L's.The price listed was $99 ,and you might have to buy the Excell spoke set(although it didn't specify that)

P.S. I just went out to the garage and counted the spokes on my XRL,and yes your right,32.Then i checked the YZF and it has 36.I thought i read years ago that the L's came with CR/XR spec wheels.Oh well,maybe someone with a XR600 could chime in with his spoke count. :thumbsup:

Yeah I went through all of that when I started this. I haven't a clue as to why we XR650L owners are so blessed with the odd front.

Anyhow I did call Buchanan Spokes & they have what we need.

Thansk for all the advise!!! :thumbsup:



"Oh well,maybe someone with a XR600 could chime in with his spoke count." FWIW my XR600 has 36 spokes.

i have a like new condition take off from my 02 650L.it is the 32 hole DID rim and will fit your hubs and stock spokes.Let me know if you still need it,price will be right.

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