Another new WR450 owner.

Hello All,

First thing first. This site ROCKS! Good technical information, kind and courteous people and lots of other awesome miscellaneous stuff about dirt bikes. All great stuff!

I registered on this site 2 years ago, but haven’t participated much. Sorry, just too many things to do in a day. But, I’ve been lurking a lot, and anytime I needed help with my dirt bikes, this is the place I’ve always came too!

About me: I’m 32 years old, married, engineer and live in Hager City, WI. (With-in 1 block of a tittie bar!) Most of my dirt riding is 2 trail rides a year, and my racing for District 23. Isn’t really any open riding in these parts. :awww: I love all kinds of motorcycles. Cruisers, dirt, dual-sport, and especially sport bikes, although, I’d be to embarrassed to own a Harley right now. (America engineering could do so much better)

They call me Streetbike Pimp because my buddies and I started racing Harescrambles in District 23 two years ago and I really wasn’t too serious about it, so I showed up on a DRZ400S. Hence “Streetbike”, and all my gear was brand new, hence “Pimp”. Now I’m stuck with the name.

As far as the racing goes, I got hooked, and now I’m deadly serious. 3 weeks ago, I bought a brand new ’03 WR450. Been sitting in the show room for a year. I thought I got a great deal, unfortunately, I didn’t check out this site before I bought it. Woe is me. Long story short, my key sheared at 2.3 miles and I took it in to get the Yamaha update. Did my research on this site, read everyone’s horror stories and immediately upgrade to the 04 parts. Also grabbed all the information about the mods, (gray wire, airbox, pipe, jets, throttle stop, and rerouting the oil breather tube). The mods are ABOSUTELY FABULEOUS!!

Once again, THIS SITE ROCKS!! I thank everyone for sharing their stories and experiences. You have saved me unimaginable headaches and have awakened a beast in my bike that is going to keep me smiling for years. :thumbsup:



I ran a D-23 hare scramble in 2001 with a XR650L. Yes, the dual sport. 327 pounds dry.....about 350 wet. Buy the time I finished the muddy race, the bike had to be close to 400 pounds.

I guess that is why my WR still feels so light!

Welcome aboard and drop me a PM if you are interested in meeting for a ride sometime. We wander down to Jackson county every so often, but most of our rides are in MN.

Ride fast-take chances.


Nice to meet you Chad.

I'll be at every D23 harescramble this year, so if you decide to come to one, look for a 30 ft black trailer that says "Team Rush" on the side of it. I'm with that group and so far the only one running a WR450.

Question for you. I notice you have the WER steering damber. Is it worth the money? Does it give you less arm pump, does it handle ruts better? I've been debating for a while on getting one. I haven't spend the money yet, because I'm a cheap bastard. :thumbsup:

Anyway, hopefully I'll see you around.

Tom E.

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