Cracked tank, need help from experts!

Well it happened this weekend. I stop to take a breather and I'm almost overcome by gas fumes. I look down and my top shock mount is being showered with gas from the craks in my tank...gggrrrr....

The guys at the only dealer in my area are total putz's so if possible I would like to go directly to someone higher in the Yamaha chain. If any of you have a phone number that I could use then please please send it to me, I would greatly appreciate it! My bike is an '01 and I don't think I've had it quite a year yet..

I doubt seriously if Yam will warranty your tank. My '00 went through 2 OEM tanks before I bought a clarke.

New Clark is approx $160 + shipping. I've had my clark for about 7 months with no probs.

good luck

I was able to have my tank warranteed through Yamaha. But it has to be administered through your dealer. The local Yamaha rep said no to the replacement. I then contacted Yamaha Canada and within 48hours I had a new tank on the way to the dealer. I believe others in the U.S. have been sucessful with their claims. If your dealer is not willing to go to bat for you, then you have to fight with Yamaha yourself.

Good luck.

I have heard stories of people getting that tank replaced by Yamaha so don't give up.

Get with your dealer ASAP. With in a year they will replace it if the dealer calls.

Dont waste anymore riding days with a Yamaha tank that WILL break, not may break, WILL break. Go get yourself a Clarke tank, I got mine in 2 days. Identical to stock, same color exactly (I couldnt believe it),perfect fit. Its a tad heavier, which is good, because the stock one it too thin.

Ya Ya, it sucks having to buy a new tank, just do it and get it over with and you wont have to think about it anymore.

On a sidenote, Id like to see how much the guys that have broken the tanks weigh. Im betting the littler guys dont crack the tanks as much as the fatties, IE. guys over 175 lbs. (myself included)

Well, I'm right about 160# without gear...there goes the heavy guy theory...heh... :)

I think I'm going to go press the dealer to get me a new one but expect to have to buy one. I've got some other things I'd like to spend the cash on right now, but if they do give me a new one I'll keep a close eye on it and expect to have to buy a new one before it breaks. When I do buy one I'll get a clarke because of what I've read on here. Thanks everyone!!

Yamaha wont stand behind there products. My tank cracked and I got a new one from yamaha. Within 2 months the new one cracked in the same FAWKING place. Yamaha said no dice when I tried to get them to replace it. I bought a clarke tank for like 160.00. It fit perfectly and looks to be thicker than the stocker. Just buy a clarke because yamaha Told me this " We know it is a problem and we have adressed the issue for 2003, Un fortunatly there is nothing we can do for you". They also tried to give me some BS about leaving gas sit in the tank too long. I told them that I go though about 10 gallons of gas a week and if they would like I would fax them all my gas bills. They said that it would do nothing to prove how long I let gas sit in my bike. I have had bad experiance with yamaha before. Owning the bike one week the valve stack in my forks blew up and they would not warranty it on a new bike. I mean come on its pretty hard to break a valve stack in forks in one week. Three weeks after that my rear upper shock mount cracked and Yamaha would do nothing. And thats even with the Three year exteneded warranty they sold me. Its worthless to buy a warranty cuz they wont fix anythign under warranty. If something on your bike begins to brake just take it to you usual mechanic/shop and have them fix it and save yourself a headache. Dont get me wrong I love the yamaha and every mass produced thing is bound to have problems I just wish yamaha would stand behind there products a little more. I cant wait till the 03's come out. I will be buying a bike still in the crate and haveing it blueprinted and matched before the motor is even started. And also I will be able to make sure everything is greased properly.

I've got a brand new Acerbis oversize tank never been put together or installed for sale. Won't fit with my white brothers high headpipe. $180 It's more than a clark In ALL ways. I've had clarks befor and am not impresed.

My dealers replaced 2 tanks for me plus the tank graphic's. 1st tank at 6 months and the second was at 1 yr 3 months.

Shawn MC,I weight in at 178 with gear

I looked up my receipt and I bought this thing on June 2nd '01. JUST over a year ago..heh.. I'm still gonna talk to the dealer. :)

You might try 'welding' the tank with a soldering iron. Has worked on a KDX a few times, even had to fill in a hole with extra plastic. Can also be smoothed out and will not stand out cosmetically :) I read the advise on a old post so cant take credit for it, but does work for at least a few days on the first weld. Second still holding well. :D

Hey bud I had to replace my tank as well because of a different reason but let me shed some light on the subject of replacement oversized tanks. I purchased a Clark tank (3.3 gl) from my YamaDaddy shop got it home and nothing lined up correctly, brackets would not fit on tank and then when I drilled the brackets to fit the tank then they still would not fit on the freaking frame! Hence forth another trip back to the YamaDaddy shop in Orlando here, Kyle, the parts dude who actually owns a 426 also,had me bring the tank and bike up to the shop to show him then the bi$%h at the Clark parts place would not let me return the tank without charging me 20% return because their piece of crap tank was fouled up from the factory, hence forth I bout a 3.2 gl Acerbis,dual pet cock and it fit like a glove, let all beware, Clark tanks may have a few defaults in quality control.

I went for the welding approach. Bought a soldering iron at Lowe's for $15 plus a nice looking electric blue dustpan for $3. Cut out a small strip of the dust pan as a "doubler" ( in aircraft repair parlance). I put a dimmer switch in line on the power cord of the iron so I could control the heat, not sure it was necessary though. First smoothed over the cracked area to try and piece it back together, then placed the doubler over the crack and welded around the edges. Acts as both a strength doubler and a seal/patch. Only ridden twice with it but so far so good.

Mine (on a '98 YZ400F) was cracked when I bought it (the local Honda dealer conveniently kept it low on gas so I did not detect it pre-purchase) so I don't know if my fatty figure (6' 200lbs)had anything to do with it or not! If it does give way I'll break down and go with some form of aftermarket.

Good luck. PS - to state the obvious, empty the tank and let it air out open for a day before trying this!

I raced last Sunday at San Jacinto Racepark in Splendora. I pulled up to line waiting for practice to start and gas was pouring on my shock - I am another victim of a cracked '00 426 tank. I survived the day with RTV and duct tape.

Monday night I patched the tank with a tank sealer (the putty kind that hardens after application after you knead it together initiating a chemical reaction) that cost $2.39. It is holding so far with gas in the tank but I have yet to ride with the patch. Any of you experienced good results with such products, or should I go ahead and order a new tank?

Bassr does the patch material flex? If so, thats a great deal. I kinda cant believe it sticks to the tank. I havent found anything that will stick to a plastic gas tank for very long.

Well guys, the patch didn't work. It held fine in my shop with the tank full of gas, but as soon as I rode the bike and the tank flexed, it started leaking again. Within a few minutes, the entire patch fell off. A buddy is going to loan me a tank so I can race this weekend and I am going to order a new tank asap. I am going to experiment with soldering the tank and might try to "weld" some plastic off of an old fender just to see if it will work.

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