FMF exhaust

I want to know if the fmf power core 4 and the high flow header is a good choose for a low end do to mid range pipe. if not what is better. please help thanks.

can some one please give me some information on this exhaust thanks.

I have the power core iv Q with the power bomb header. Awsome low and it just keeps pulling. I talked to a guy at the track last week who said, "If you like the Q, try the power core IV". I think i believe him because he was haulin. I switched from a White Bros R4 with WB header. The FMF set up is much better.

dude if you want low to mid power the power core 4 with the supercross header is the way to go - gives great low and mid. also another great pipe would be the dubach pipe - whatever you choose the dubach or the fmf it will be a great choice. your pennies bro! For 14$ you can get the ELN needle and have a midrange monster..all of these pipes are pricey and you have to feel for yourself how much a needle can really do in these bikes!

Yamaha part # for the OBELN

5NL 14916-EN-00

Worth a shot before dropping some serious coin on exhaust.

yeah they both shed a few pounds. I run the stainless steel on my practice bike and the complete Titanium on my race bike. like i said before the Dr.D pipe or the fmf pipe would be the way to go with the 426. :):D

I run powerbomb titanium header and powercore 4 silencer. its a great combo. It gives insane low end and it pulls all the way to the engine's rev limiter. this is by far the best all-around combinationi have tried, andbelieve me, ive tried many.

is there a difference between the high flow header and the power . also what is your guys jetting.

what jets should i put in it and what size. thanks

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