WR450 04 - UK model

Hi guys from the UK. Got my 04 on saturday!! WOW, is all I can say- it was horribly restricted initialy, but put a 48 pilot, the bigger needle (on slot 4) and a 160 main in, changed the throttle stop for the YZ one that comes with the bike and WOWOWWOW!

But, what is the airbx mod, and i have read abut the grey wire to the ecu being cut? Do i need to do this to the 04 wr? Where is the grey wire, indeed where is the ecu!! Is it the finned box on the frame by the airbox, or the black plastic job up on the headstock!? I havent really had a good look round the bike yet, to be honest, I'm riding it all the time!! :thumbsup: Any links to the grey wire and airbox mods apreciated.

It really is a road legal crosser, aint it!!?

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