Factory Connection Suspension?

Has anybody had any work done by Factory Connection or any of the other big suspension shops? I was just about ready to take mine to a local suspension guy and but then I heard a few negative stories about his work. I have heard some good things about Factory Connection and was considering having them do a revalve, stiffer springs, and cleaning-changing fluid job to the forks and the shock. Any recommendations would be appreciated.



I had my suspension done by FC and i am very happy with there work.I mostly ride englishtown practice track when im not racing and it works real well there.Talk to steve and tell him where you ride and your skill level and hell hook you up the more info you give him the better it will be when you get it back. I had to fine tune it when i got it back-more compression up front-less rebound in back but you will have to set your sag and fine tune it reguardless where you get it done.It will definately make a huge difference.Any ?s let me know. Good luck.


Steve has been great to me and another riding buddy. My riding changed from last year so what I asked for and got is not what I need now. He has helped several times to get mine tuned despite beating soft woods valving into the ground on the MX track. It's helping.

Just be sure you tell them exactly what you plan to do with it.

Good luck,


Fly -

If you are thinking of Jim Capitan DO NOT take your suspension there. MX-Tech is awesome, I would go there hands down. Pro Action and Factory Connection are also good choices though ...



I was going to take it to Kessler, but im having second thoughts after talking to a friend of a friend about his past experiences with his work. He said that he wasnt happy with the setup on more than one occasion and then tried factory connection and was very happy with them. On the other hand, I have heard alot of positive feedback about Kessler. I usually only ride the Chatsworth and acto tracks. I just started feeling comfortable enough to hit and clear all the jumps, but every once in a while I'll come up short or overshoot and either bottom and be rebounded off the landing or the end of the tabletop, or bottom so hard that my wrists and ankles feel like their gonna snap. Thanks for the replies so far.


A buddy swears by Factory Connection and he is fussy. I would send my stuff to them but I like the stock suspension.

I had both a CR500 and an XRL650 done by Factory Connection and I couldn't be happier. They TALK to you. They explained why I did or didn't want any particular setting, etc. They were very professional and knowledgeable. They'd be my choice in the future.

Just doing a bit of research based on recent past experience. But I would like anyone who has had there suspension "done" by Factory Connection, to remove their valve stacks and compare them to stock shim stacks. / / . Those were two lines, if you wanted to read between them.

Hey flyinguitars:

I delt with Factory Connection a couple of times, and they are great!!! I would definitely recommend them..

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I always had great results with FC, top notch guys up there.

And everyone must know Steve. His picture is beside 'customer service' in the dictionary.

Good luck,


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