Anyone from the Reno, NV area?

Anyone here from the Reno, NV area? If so, Id like to know what Jetting Settings you are currently using. Thanks.

I live in Truckee and ride/race often in Reno/Moonrocks/Nightengale/etc... I have been around and around with the jetting, especially after reading this board. Here is where I eventually landed. BONE STOCK 426 2001 jetting. Stock pilot, stock main, stock needle, stock clip position. POINT - I have a thunder alley pipe w/o spark arrestor. This pipe kicks ass and requires a rich condition otherwise you'll rev out of gas.

so perhaps I should run slightly leaner with the stock pipe? Perhaps maybe 1 clip up on the needle?

If stock pipe I would run one step leaner on the main and then play with the airscrew. I had an FMF pwr core for a while and ran one step leaner on the main, 1 clip leaner and fiddled with the air screw. When I ran one clip position leaner with stock or thunder alley my bike would perform poorly with the throttle held steady open. Where and when are you riding in Reno?? Just visiting?

Im a Reno local. I also live just over the mountain from the stead MX track, so I practice there frequently. I can ride to it in a few minutes.

i live in gardnerville and run stock jetting exept the up one #45 because of the b.k. mod.i also ride at stead sometimes.maybe ill see you #428.


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