Help!.. I am going to get a new ride in Sept. I have been looking at both the WR426 and the KTM520. Would be nice to hear from both sides on performace and reliability. I live and ride in a green sticker state so that to it is very important!

Personally I dont like KTM, Never Have. Thats me,

WR is one awsome bike my buddie next to me just bought one and I was really impressed with the power band.

I would look at parts cost if you wanted a biased opionion.


the Ktoom will cost you in the long run for parts (Expensive)

Plus the KTM is a few buck more and is an ungodly color orange...


Someone My Son and I know has a 520 rode it I think three times cost him well over 300 bucks to get the fork seals repaired, since then he dont ride with us, fact is he dont ride much at all since I smoked him on his 86 xr400 and he was on the 520

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Ya those KTM's suck, you can tell they're scared by the way John Dowds always seems to be running away when they drop the gate, I mean sometimes he's a good 4 or 5 bikes out front at the first turn! Poor scared Katoomer! all them factory bikes trying to catch it

Is that why he cant finish higher then 5th in a race, Must be all that power is used up on the starts :)

Jim, what type of riding will you be doing? MX? Desert? trails? play riding? The bikes are very different in the way they handle and might be better at one thing than the other bike. Ego brings up a good point with parts. Not only are KTM parts expensive but if you ride out in the boondocks, the local bike shop most likely won't have a part you need.

Considering dowdys age, 5th is a podium finish!



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