00' 426 jetting changes, now wont start

I changed the needle on my 2000 426 a few weeks ago and noticed the bike now lacked the 'punch' it had before. Today I replaced the stock 42 pilot for a 40 and the stock 162 main for a 158. Now the bike wont start.

I'm not sure if it has to do with the carb having been thouroghly cleaned w/ carb cleaner and its still wet, I flooded it or the jetting changes. I'm at sea level and its about 75-80F outside.

I double schecked all electrical connections and put fresh gas in the tank. Is it possible that I got the float bowl out of spec when cleaning the carb, would that do it? Otherwise, I have no idea why. It started fine a week ago

It finally started!

I pulled the plug out and it looked fine. It was actually bone dry and had no gas smell to it, so I thought gas wasn't reaching the cylinder.

I gave three big turns on the throttle, kicked it and it sputtered a little life. After three more twists it fired up... woohoo!

Now I just need to get it out for a test ride.


What usually happens when people work on the carb is they close down the slide. And since a correctly tuned Thumper needs no twist to start, the engine won't get any air nor gas and it seems like you screwed something up and all you have to do is open your idle adjustment (black knob) up again. :thumbsup:

My idle adjustment was okay, it didn't need any adjustment. The carb just wouldn't send any gas to the cylinder without giving the throttle a few cranks!?!?!?

Once I got it fired up and warmed it started like a champ without any throttle everytime, it was only that initial startup.

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