KLX300 horsepower? KX250F horse power?

I have a 2001 KLX 300. Does anyone know what its rear wheel horsepower output is? I was thinkin of trading it for the new KX250F. Does anyone know the horsepower output of the KX250F? Kawasaki claims like 43, is that right? Would the KXF be a step up from my KLX in power? Im 240 pounds, and the KLX doesnt have the power im lookin for. I was also lookin at CRF450s, but all I ride is trails, and im afraid a 450 would be too much of a bike to handle for trails. SO, any help on the power output of the KLX and KXF would be very helpful. Thanx :thumbsup:

KLX has 27 h.p. the KX has around 32.

Peak horse power doesn't tell the whole story. For trail riding you want a wide power band. An XR400 or DRZ400 may not have high peak horse power ratings, but they can pull stumps from low rpms. You might check the www.dynojet.com site for actual dyno runs.

Ride on


I'd go with the CRF450, I went trail riding with a guy on one, and he just flicked it around like it was nothing, they're very light for their size. The CRF450X is probably my next bike. (sorry kawi lovers)


For your weight I would recommend the WR450. The Hondas seem to be having toooo much trouble with valves. Just like the KLX.

Keep the KLX300 and just put some cams and piston in it. I have just posted my dyno graph results to planet KLX so I hope they put it up in the next few days. This bike has a Staintune oversize header and muffler, Kevin Doyle cams and custom piston. Stock carby just rejetted. It put out 32Hp from 8000rpm to the rev limiter at 10500rpm and 20Ft-lbs at 7500Rpm, but more importantly it had 16ft-lbs from 3000rpm onwards On the same dyno YZ250F's pull only 28Hp at the wheel and WR250F's 26. Neither has this amount of torque or power over such a wide rev range. Yes I know it's not nice to compare a worked KLX300 against stock YZ/WR's, but you already have the KLX so why not just improve it and keep a reliable potent bike. :thumbsup:

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