Qestion for the board,

I'm interested in attending a riding school here in the washington area. Has anyone went to the Donnie Hansen, Gary Bailey, Gary Semics, or Rick Johnson schools?. Are they worth it?

Also does anyone know who else in the washingto area gives classes, I saw that Huffman teaches at Washougal but I think he is hurt. Idealy I would like to go to Thurston County ORV, or Washougal as they are closer.

I also heard that Gary Semics class is more for riders on the line between expert & pro levels. Any info appericiated.


I would think all of them would have benifits to learning. I thnk personally an ini mini mini moe here. Maybe look at the curriculem and see if any are stronger in the area you want more of, I heard and read the same on semics..

Just a guess

BTW still looking for sftware

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Yea they will all benifit me. The reason I mention Expert& Pro levels is I am defeinetly NOT in that catagory and don't want to sign up for a graduate level class.

Thanks for the software search.

If Semics teaches anything in person like he does on his video's you will fall asleep listening to him. He has great information and it looks like his teaching method will definately work for any level of rider. In his video's he just speaks monotone. Good information lousy presentation on video.

Hello TT"s , i myself have wondered how good those classes are and if they are worth the money . Does anyone know about how much they cost to attend them?


My Brother rode in rick johnsons school about 6 or 7 years ago and is a hellava rider. The reason I started the thread was to see if any westcoast thumpers knew of a good school taught here.

Judging from him though I would say any of the big 4 mentioned in my opener would be great. I would settle for less if it's worth it though.

Originally posted by 98yz:

If Semics teaches anything in person like he does on his video's you will fall asleep listening to him.

I thought it was just me. Kind of reminded me of my high school history teacher,zzzzzzzzz....

There is good info on the video just don't watch it if you're tired.

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I've only been to one school, but I have to say that Gary Bailey's was excellent. His teaching style applies to all levels.

In my 15 member class there was an age range of 8-40 from beginners to pro's. Every student got the same attention and we didn't move on to the next section until everyone got through it or understood what it took to get through it. I came back from there smarter, smoother, safer & a I think a little faster.

Highly Reccomend!

It sounds like semics is a clone of Wen Ben Stien :)

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