Dumb questions - Electrex and Ignition Rotor

Installing an Electrex dual sport kit on a 03 WR450F...the instructions for the stator mod are not that clear. Couple questions.

1. A wire needs to be soldered to the stator. Do I need to remove the rotor to access the stator?

2. If I do have to pull the rotor, are there any safe options to pull the rotor other than buying the special Yamaha rotor puller tool?



Yes, you do have to. The tool is only $10.00 and worth it if you do not want to warp your flywheel. The wires which you have to modify are pretty much burried behind it. Removing the stator and doing the soldering on a workbench would be tons better than trying to do it on the bike.

Deleted, becouse I confused bykes...

Thanks! I think I might just take it to Electrex in Oceanside and see if they can do the stator mod for me.


you can pick my bike up too and take it there. maybe they can figure out my electrical problem.

what's up Jedi?

are you going to gorman? i should have my bike back this week.

Sorry Benny D but your wrong. The stator is bolted inside the outer case cover. There's no need to remove the rotor.


What Wayne said....

I have this kit on my 04WR450f and have had trouble with charging the battery. I did not have to do the stator mod but they (electrosport) have a wr-fix kit that changed the headlight back to ac. I have not received the kit yet but I hope it works.


Well I received the kit and installed it. not much to it, a new head light connector and a relay. I also changed from the 35W back to the 55W light, so I am happy about that. It seems to have helped but I have not gone for a long ride yet. Hopfully over the weekend.


Sorry Benny D but your wrong. The stator is bolted inside the outer case cover. There's no need to remove the rotor.


Yes you do have to remove the flywheel to get at the stator!

What he is looking to do is mod the stator per electric's instructions. The only way to get at the stator is pull the flywheel. And you need a flywheel puller for that. Puller is cheep. Get the correct one for the bike not one of those 3 jaw pullers.

On my 03 WR450 the stator is bolted to the side cover, remove the sidecase and it comes out with the stator attached....the wires going into the cover are for the stator! You do NOT need a puller...

What Rich said...

The WR's are different from the YZ's.


Ahh I missed the 450 part. They must be different from the YZ/WR 400/426's

My bad.

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