Anybody Know how to get ahold of the Power Now Guys

They dont reply to e-mails , I want to know more and they dont reply . I dont want to give my credit card number to a fly-by-night business. without some answers.

i got mine and it worked as advertised, i even was able to increase, just a smidge, the jet duration on the bk mod. i found myself riding in 3d gear, as opposed to 2d in the same situations. i will be putting a more detailed review on drn, i want some more time to try some things. it worked for me, as advertised. :)

It is a bit disconcerting when a small upstart business is unable to maintain it's communication lines. I have placed an order for the product (been maybe 10 days) and have not heard back from them other than a confirmation of my order.

I tend to believe that they are legit enough and would probably love to be able to answer all of your questions in order to convince you to buy their product. I'm being patient for now.

I have a feeling that they have experienced a dramatic surge in demand and are likely struggling to fill orders and answer questions. Not the best customer satisfaction situation, but a common reality.

Seems that a whole bunch of dialog about the product has sprung up recently here (and probably elsewhere). It seems to me that a lot of "egosceptical" debate around the idea of their "laminar" air flow concept has served to spiral their PR campaign right through the roof. :)

Either wait it out and see what others have to say about it before committing yourself, or toss your $69 bucks in the hat and pull up a chair. :D

I was able to get ahold of them at The guy replied to me, answered questions, etc. I installed one on a 01 YZ 426. It did what I wanted. Made the low end response better for off road.

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