Need Help. Broke Hot Start inside Carb.......

I was trying to get my hot start to work and after spraying it with some silcone spray and letting it sit, it still didn't want to move. :thumbsup: So while putting it back together I accidently broke off one side of the dumb clip thing inside where it connects to the carb. :lol: How do I fix this now? I have never taken a carb apart before. :awww:

Would it just easier to have a shop do it? Also, about how much does one of those darn clippy things cost?

It hasn't been working since I've had the bike since last fall. So I think I can survive without it for a while. I am leaving for vacation 5/22 returning on 5/29 and racing on the 30 or 31st. So getting this repaired by then isn't going to happen probably.

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