what brake pads are you using?

just wanted some opinions (reviews?) on current brake pads. the 450 has been in the mud a few times this spring and the rear pads are getting thin.

I am still trying to wear the stock ones out. Mine are still in good shape. :thumbsup:

I have been really happy with stock Yamaha. They seem to wear really well and stop ya pretty good too. They are reasonably priced too.

If you are searching long life I think stock are best. If you want top performance Carbone Lorrane are much more better! The best about CL is that the wheels do not stop rotating and you have great control over the brakes.

SBS sintered work well for me.

regardless of what pads you use one of 2 thingfs happen.

1) the pads wear out

2) the disc wears out

I know which one I'd prefer :thumbsup:

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