Big problem!! HELP please!

I removed my stock flywheel to replace it with a heavier one. As I put the new flywheel on I noticed the bolt (shaft) threads were damaged and the nut that holds the flywheel on will not go back on. It seems like the first few threads are missing. I think I damaged it while removing the stock flywheel. Is there anyway I can fix this. Your help is much appreciated. Thanks

Need to head to the store and get a thread file, that fits the MM of the shaft threads. Look at the manual find out what the Nut MM size is and get a Thread file to match if you are careful you can clean the threads up....


Is a die not good to use in this situation (I'm asking because I don't know)?


No not to start, becouse the initial threads are dmaged this may cause the die to take another path and totally destroy the threads and shaft.

It is best to clean the threads first with the thread file and then if you have it just hand spin the die on.

But you do raise a good point>>>

Get a die also.

Clean the bad threads first with the file

then only then use the die by HAND only it should slip on smoothly and only run the die up a few threads to secure the pattern and angle of the threads.. Then try the nut do not force...

If your shy you dealer can and should have the capability to clean these up...

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Thanks Ego,

I don't want to take any chances so I think I'll let the guys at the shop try to fix this one.

No Problemo

Good luck

I did the same thing. I have no idea what happened to the threads, but the nut would not go on. I have the engine on the bench with the top end off, so I packed it in the truck and took it to my local bike shop. He tapped the nut and used a die on the threads, and in no time I was on my charge. I picked up a terrycable flywheel weight kit while there, as well as new rings. Hopefully I won't pinch an oil ring putting the cylinder on this time. Thanks to Cliff Piper in Phoenix for fixing the threads.

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