should i get a '99 wr400?

i sold my xr400 and now want another bike. i found a 99 wr400 with a few goodies (pipe, graphics, bark busters) and wanted some input as to this year and if its a good bike or was that year a lemon? whats a good price for one? i understand the newer WRs weigh about the same and come with electric start so that should bump the price down a bit? what are some areas to look for problems?

thanks in advance...

i ride mostly trails, fire roads and around town, weigh about 230, 6'4''

About $ 2,000

Old style FCR carb. The accelerator pump needs a little work and some silicone to seal it up from water, but the bike IS fine. The 2000 uses a 426 connecting rod and a 426 piston and cylinder will bolt right up. The 2000 has beter steering head angle, but you can (as I did) raise the forks up in the triple clamps to offset.

Kevin - How much have you raised the forks?

I can't help much with the pro's and con's of that year, but what I can say is about the price. First off, go to the horses mouth (KBB). They suggest a retail of (Suggested Retail Value $3235), now take into consideration the condition of the bike and the add on's. If the tires are shot deduct that from the retail price and so on. Also look at what bikes of this type are getting in your area. I know here in Boise,ID bikes pretty much go for the KBB value if they are in good shape. Now as far as the WR series bikes are concerned I don't think you could really go wrong in buying one of these regardless of year, as long as it's been kept up (but that goes for any bike).


Are you from Hayfork, CA?

I have a wr 400 and It is a great bike. No problems. plenty of power. Not the same snap as a crf 450 or a yzf 450 but on anything other than a track or open road who cares. If you are from hayfork, the wr will fit the style of riding you will most likely do to a T.

Your close, the WR and YZF do use two different rods. The small ends are of two sizes. Wiseco does have a piston that will fit the 426 piston on a WR rod. Find a stock 426 jug and call Wiesco, order the 13to1 comp. piston and enjoy the power. :thumbsup:


i do live in hayfork, ca. and thanks, once i get a few things in order, i'll probably be getting the wr...

I lived in weaverville for 5 years, went to high school there 85-89. We ride out near wildwood sometimes and like I said the wr 400 will work great for you in that terrain. If you want a d/s bike though you will have to buy one already done or basically be limited to the drz 400 s if you buy new. My wr 400 is plated, and if the price were right might be for sale.


Keep in mind that with the red sticker/green stick deal in CA that the "market" price will be higher than Kelly Blue Book. 2003 and newer WRs are red sticker which puts upward pricing pressure on 2002 and older.

I searched for 2+ months for a 01 or 02 WR426 in exclellent condition. I found two and both sold before I could get my hands on them. I never saw the first as it was on consignment at a bike shop in Grass Valley (it sold in 2 hours) the second one was in the bay area (it sold the same day the add was posted). I ended up finding a new 01 wr426 back east on Hope this helps.


I've had my 99WR for over a year now. I just get on it and Ride. The more I ride it, the more I like it. I would purchase again without hesitation. I've done some of the must do mods and it's a blast. I ride mostly with DRZ's and have never regretted the purchase.

Very good performing bike, very reliable bike.

Buy it ! You won't be disappointed, spend a little time dialing the suspension in for your weight and riding style and get out there, I've got a 99 and it's just an awesome off road bike.

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