helmet cam mic wind noise question

I tried out the helmet camera yesterday at the track and it worked great! The one thing that I would like to fix is the wind noise. The little mic they sell works great when you're sitting still, but when you're moving the wind noise drownds out everything. So does anyone have any ideas on fixing this? The mic is tiny (about the size of a pencil eraser) so I thought about wrapping a cotton ball around it, but I welcome any other ideas! Thanks!!

A sound trick is to place a foam ball around the mic, the denser the foam the better this will reduce the air flow around. But the trade off for denser fowm is you need to bring the mic in close to the source Also note that the camcorder should have a setting to reduce noise this will help.

how do I know this, in another life I also worked a sound stage and mixer

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A buddy of mine created a simple shroud that shielded it from the wind, I think he used electrical tape...

I've also heard of people putting the mic inside their helmet.

I´d go for a deflective screen. The mike is still in the open but shielded from direct wind by something like cardboard, layers of tape.

Be careful not to overdo it, You do not want to have to much turbulence, because that will generate the same kind of windnoice (if not more). Experiment until You are satisfied - optimum is to have a vacum around Your mike, but that will only happen at a certain speed.

It is an easy fix realy.


SirT-Place it inside your mouthpiece in your helmet, out of line with the vent. I have heard of some doing this with good results. The foam will help too, but may be a bit too much. Have to try it and see. I didn't get the external mic option with mine so I have to run tape over the hole on the housing with foam under it. Not great, but much better than leaving it open.

Sir, I put the mic inside my helmet it still gets wind noise but not bad, you can also clip it to your back or fanny pack that is holding your camera, but you will only hear exhaust. Mike

I hear all this talk about helmet cams and stuff, but is anyone ever going to post a link or a movie that we can see of you guys riding around. I would like to see a couple.


I'll post a movie as soon as I get it converted to mpeg. It's my first real movie and I accidentally had the camera aimed a tad too high, but the image quality is great. :) It's not that bad, you'll see.

Speilberg started out this way too :)

Hey his helmet camera is different. My camera doesn't have the built in mic and the camera itself is water proof. My mic is separate and I clipped it to my chin strap inside my helmet. I'm going to have to wrap it with something I think (soft foam if I can find some).

Ron in So Cal is the master of the helmet cam video.

I never could figure it out myself so I gave up and sold it.

Anyways, heres a link to his website of video clips.


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