simple questions?

My oil over flow spits out this white oily, milky like substances.I changed my oil and there was no sign of water in the system. Is this normal?

NO, it's not normal and don't start it until you get it fixed. It sounds like you have an internal engine leak somewhere, probably a head gasket.

uh, lol...its very normal, mine does it all the time and still runs fine. its the tube on the left side of the frame on the bottom correct? if so then its normal. its hard to clean up off my stand though :)

Thumper, if it is coming out of the overflow than I don't see how you can say that is normal. Oil comes out, where would it mix with something to make it milky and white? I don't have milky white oil in my crankcase, you shouldn't either.

My bike did this when it was brand new. I too checked the oil out of the bike and it was fine. After a few rides the problem went away. I did notice it once after washing it before a ride. You may have a more serious problem but maybe there was a little residual water left in the over flow after you washed the bike. Is it brand new?

I'm not shure about a 4 stroke, but on a 2 stroke, milky transmission fluid means you have a bad water pump seal. I haven't had my 4 stroke very long, and I don't know if the water pump is made the same.

I actually got this a tiny bit after trail riding last week where we did some very small water (puddle?) crossings. I think that some water gets into the vent hose and mixes with the oil in the hose. If this is what's happening then it's OK. However if the oil in the motor itself is milky then you do have something that needs immediate attention. I wouldn't hurt to double check your coolant just to be on the safe side.

Very normal no worries

"crankcase condensation" :)

if its alot then there is a problem, if its a lil puddle the size of a dime then you're ok

I look at it this way,

I figure when my bike is done for the day and its tucked inside the garage nice and safe. That the spew on the floor is just the dribble that comes from an over exited day :)

and I must have done something right :D

There are posts on this do a search

basicly the issue is as stated condensation and oil being wipped to a froth and then backing out of the tube as it condenses, hence the overflow

It is nothing more then say wipping egg whites to a white froth. This is what oil does when it is heated whipped and beat under preasure as it is done in the cases of the yz's

Nothing more nothing less.

Now if the substance dries and it appears that there maybe some coolant then thats another story.

But this is normal and expect a dribble to a half doller sys spew mark.

as stated its a sign your bike had a good time :D

Re-read the article a few months back on Dubachs bike. WEhy do you think he has the pre-presurized conatainer running from his exhaust to the Wet Sump Tranny

Thats right folks foaming action, cuts it down

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I get a little overflow oil but it is not milky and frothy looking. Maybe I am just not riding hard enough??? :)

Ya gotta ride that thing hard man real hard

vegas chk your PM, its a nice one dont worry

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ego, you've got pm

Hey guys thanks for all of the replys they're greatly appreciated. I've only noticed it a couple of times and it doesn't leak very much just a few drops. I have also been hitting some pretty deep water which could have gone up my vent hose. I've only noticed it a couple of times. Thanks.


One last item, it really depends on the day you ride also, temp humidity and so on. On mine where I ride I have only noticed it on cooler days then hotter, even though I see a tear or two anytime I ride.

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