02' YZ426 needs tires and air filter

Looking to get new tires and an air filter for now but don't know what is good.I ride trails mostly and they have alot of loose rocks(big and small) with big mud holes and some sand.I will also be taking the bike to the mx-track some this summer to. Also what is a good filter? I was looking at the Twin Air and the White Brothers.Are they both about the same?Is one better then the other?Is there one better then those I should look at?

Iuse a UNI filter. I believe it is a toss up between a UNI and a Twin Air.

As far as tires I would suggest the Maxxis tires for your application.

I agree with Satch, go with either of those filters as far as the tires if you are getting into rocks the Maxxis should give you plenty of life all around, besides they have a nice price too.


dont use the WB filters, they let a TON of dirt into the motor.

I use the NoToil filter system. Very easy to use. You will have to clean the filter at least every other ride.

Tires, depends on the type of terrain you are riding on. Lots of good ones out there.

I you are using no-toil don't use the uni filters. Uni is a great filter, but no-toil and the glue that Uni uses don't seem to play nice together :thumbsup:

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