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Just my guess Rat

But My sons 250f compared to me 426 (Just Visual) Looks like it sits (Engine) lower in the frame. This may have a problem with the alignment of the airbox and the carb if its true.

Bikes stand side by side are equal in hieght, so I assume the head and barrol are shorter.

Thats my guess

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check part #'s

Do you happen to have any Ti parts for sale? I'm looking for an e-series can, shock spring, and subframe. Also any CF parts (besides the airbox)?


Will you be selling the rs3 triples?

Sorry i meant the RG3

yeah it will fit but the kids bike will run like crap. the 426 and 250 have two completely different velocity stacks and the airboxs are desinged for different volumes (the 426 has more than the 250) so either your gunna get some dought or that kid is gunna get shafted.

rat check your pm.

I didn't mean it towards you man. and regardless if it has the stock velocity stack or not; the airbox volumes are different.

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