Rear brake resivor

when riding last weekend and lost my rear brake! Looked down and the resivor was empty. Looked every where for the leak and can't find it, just refilled and blead the brakes and it's holding fine. Any Ideas where to look?

I did the same on a 4 mile ride in the woods, no rear brake. I had just installed a new pipe from the head to the tail. My brake resv. was to close to the pipe and it boiled my brake fluid. I just put some spacers in behind the res. to pull it away from the pipe and wrapped the pipe with some high temp nomex, and no more problems. Hope this helped and is your only problem.

Brockr: I came over from the WR posts to see what you YZ guys are up to and read your post... my 98 WR400 had the same problem.. I think your leak may be the result of a warped reservoir. Look closely at the outside most edge ( the edge towards your shock side), you should see the edge of the reservoir just outside of your cap.. this should not be like this... I believe since the reservoir is so close to the pipe, the heat caused the reservoir to warp and wala.... your fluid escapes and no brakes... just a theory... well, I purchased a new reservoir only... I think only $16... new.... new fluid, put top on, and this time i went to Lowes, Home dept, whatever, and bought aluminum pipe tape, the kind that has aluminum foil on one side and soft sticky spongey on the other,,, just cut to size and place on top and side of reservoir, no more leaks, or warpage has occurred to my unit for the past year... I ride alot of slow speed enduros, so my heat is excessive sometimes.. this seems to work for me..



You might want to check the hose that runs from the reservoir to the pump. Mine had been injured in a crash(that wasn't the only thing!) and I never noticed it until my brakes ran dry. Just a thought. Maniac

Thanks I did notice the warped reservor. Thought that looked unusual. Does anyone make a billit reservor? Or some thing along those lines?

As the pipe is very close, a billet reservoir would conduct too much heat and most likely boil the oil. The best is to use the hi-temp tape or build a small aluminum shield that bolts on to the frame with the reservoir, which is what I did.. no more problems.

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