Time to Help Us all Out Inventory them Trails

I don't like this idea at all. It's like having to show your Driver's License and Social Security Card when getting milk at the neighborhood carryout. !@#% that. The whole point of trails is that you DON'T know where they go. Although, a list of the trail locations would be handy, as long as it was a list moderated by US and not THEM. (A friend suggested building a website like http://www.geocaching.com for this.)

Boucher wrote: "We must ensure that no road or trail gets left out. We must take responsibility at the local level to know what roads and trails are out there for our use and to protect them by compiling a list of them now."

Sounds a little like someone is smoking crack, doesn't it? Why so hard-up for the data, man? It goes on to say that:

"Sadly, agency reluctance to address the lack of inventory when beginning planning will result in many roads and trails being 'left off the map,' which means they'll be closed."

To that I have to say, if they don't know the trail exists, how can they close them? Sure, it makes sense in a larger area like a park, but is pointless for little local spots. I don't like gestapo testamonials; reminds me of a Multi-Level-Marketing scam. Sorry, that's just my viewpoint. Perhaps in well-traveled areas this may be more relevant, but for local spots this seems like complete overkill. There's nothing beneficial they could do with the information I could give them.

Like many here I've rode miscellaneous trails all my life. Some owned by state/federal agencies, but most private land. The federal lands always require special permits/fees/rules/etc. If I wanted fees, rules, and hours of operation, I'd go to a motocross track.

There was once an awesome plot called Munson's and BJ's, and both have sence been turned into residential areas by local city expansion. Bummer, suppose that happens over time. I bet there are still some motorcycle carcasses in their seemingly "urban" pond however, hehe. And another plot is owned by a large hospital. They don't seem to care much that people have rode the 5+ miles of trails there for 20 years; they've made no effort to put up any trespassing signs. But those trails are in a terrible state of disrepair. Poision ivy and thorn bushes abound. Nobody goes down there anymore. Someone cut down a bunch of LIVING trees, probably the same freaks who built the paintball bunkers. Hope they have itch-itis. :thumbsup: About 5 years ago, someone on a 4-wheeler made a bunch of new trails there (to get around all the downed trees) and that was cool... for a bit. But again, now it's all overgrown.

Point is, even in the local areas we do have available, we're not riding them or maintaining them at all. I've only seen 1 other person ever down there in 15 years cleaning things up, and he was using a tiny hachet. And where it is surprisingly easy to make new trails by just riding over them a few times, as a rule, we do not. Why is that? If we all just took a little initiative to clean up our local "not on the map" trails and expand their capability, we'd have some cool places to ride again. And the Feds could go back to doing something useful with their time, like busting terrorists.

Just my 2 rooster-tails. :awww:

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