Brake Fluid

Will regular automotive Valvoline DOT 3,4 fluid work in my bike? Just because the manual states just "DOT 4". Thanks...

I bought some valvoline dot 3 and dot 4 synthetic and it is crap. My brakes were really spongy. I switched back to prestone non synthetic dot 4 and it works great.

Use Motul. You will not be disappointed.


Hmmm, maybe this is the reason why my brakes are so damn spongy. I thought I had air in the line, but it could be the fluid. I am gonna try a different fluid. Thanks... :)

No DOT 3 will not work!

Motul, Ford, and Amsoil make the best stuff from what I understand.

I use Castrol GTX Dot4 available at just about any auto parts store and it works just fine.

Stay away from synthetic, DOT 3 and DOT 5!

...Im with MerfMan, Motul all the way!

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