Thanks for Fork Suggestions, now about a YZ125


Thanks for all your suggestions with the forks and the recommendation to use Mobil 1 ATF. No doubt! That sucker was plush...still need heavier fork springs, though.

Now the real dilema. I bought my son his first 2-smoke, a '92 YZ125. Yep, it's a fixer upper in every sense of the word. Anyhow, the goof that I bought it from stacked 2 fiber clutch plates together to take up slack I guess. Bike won't run with the correct number of plates. This must be a 2-stroke trick to get through the moto...or a backyard mechanic fix. So here I am.

1. The fiber plates still have grooves in them, but I don't know how thick the plats is supposed to be. Anybody know?

2. Does anybody know what the free length of the pressure plate springs should be? Right now, they're 38 mm.

Nope, I don't have the manual. And yes, I'll call some shops, but I thought I'd give you guys a stab at it.



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