Spark Arrestor


I'm looking for an inexpensive spark arrestor for a YZ 426. Does anyone have any sugestions?


shove steel wool down the pipe and cork it with a towel

Couldnt resists sorry

I assume Super trap would be about the cheepest

Pro Moto Billet makes an endcap replacement that you can get for $119. I just put one on my 01YZ426F.

Or, I can sell you a used WB ESeries for $180.


I purchased a used stock can from someone on the site. When I got it and looked at the pipe, it had a home made spark arrestor. It looks like he just poped the rivets put in a gage of wire that would stand up to the heat, block sparks yet not restrict flow and put the cap back on with a rivet gun. Did a very good job I might add. That's the best suggestion I can come up with. It would actually work out great if you needed to repack your can. Take care of both while you have the cap off.

Good luck!

I like that idea, but I've heard and read that it must have USFS approved stamped on it to satisfy ticket happy Ranger Bob. I don't understand why there aren't any (at least that I can find) cheap arrestors like the Cobra Sparky that just mount onto the current muffler available for 4 strokes, or am I wrong about that?

I was in your same boat a couple of weeks ago. The cheapest solution I found was the ProMoto Billit spark arrestor. Just drill out the rivits on your stock end cap, slide the new end cap in and rivit in place. Worked very well. USFS aproved. I bought mine with the quiet insert and it does quiet it down a bit. $129.00 I posted this here earlier and someone said that was too much, you could get a slip-on for that price. I couldnt find a cheaper way to be legal.


If you want a new silencer, I've got a White Bros. e-series that I'll sell for $150.00 Spark arrestor, deflector (to keep fender clean) and the gromets and seals. Makes great power too, but it's loud.

Glen T

I've been checked several places a number of times for a spark arrestor. The always stick a pole into the exaust to see if anything stops it. I've never had anyone look for the forrest circus stamp.

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