New 450 Break-in Opinion

Hello All,

I just got the new 04 YZ450F last weekend, and broke it in as best I could by the book. Heat cycled it, rode for a few laps and parked it, etc. Now, I have about 1.5 hours of ride time on the original oil. Would you change now? I was going to ride at an open track tonight and then change after that, but wanted to get some opinions if I should change first.


Change the oil now. Then put a little light track time on it, then change it and the filter after that. Never to safe and when those 450's are breaking in, alot of crap gets in the oil. Better be safe then sorry. :thumbsup:

i'm a little fanatical on oil changes. it's $ 1 invested in a $ 7000 bike. mine gets changed after every major ride (2 hours). after break in, it should be changed. change the actual filter every 15 hours (max), clean the metal screen about the same, if not 20-25 hours. the oil itself should be changed as much as is feasible. it's cheap insurance.

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