RAD MFG. Hub exploded

Hello, Has anyone else experienced problems with their RAD mfg. Hubs or wheel sets.

This is the second time I have had a carrier problem.

This time the whole carrier broke away from the wheel and destroyed my hub, sprocket, and chain guide on my swingarm.

I landed from a jump and went about 20 feet and heard a loud crash, I slid out and when I picked up my bike the rear hub was in pieces. the sprocket was in half, the carrier was in half and the chain guide and chain were tangled up together. I hope I can have the chain guide rewelded on to the swing arm. If I can't this is going to be a very expensive problem.

The chain is a DID x-ring and was adjusted exactly to spec.

I have used these rad wheelsets on my 03 CRF amd my 04 now.

I don't know what else would have caused this other than weak materials.

I am waiting to see if Rad warrantys the hub. I will send the wheel back to them today. They say that they have a lifetime warranty.

Please let me know if anyone else has had any problems with RAD MFG> wheelsets or Hubs.


GENERALLY, this is caused by an excessively tight chain. As the swingarm goes through it's arc, the distance increases from the countershaft sprocket to the rear wheel. The hub will shred.

Another problem I ran into that cost me 2 hubs is the sproket bolts. They came loose, stretched, which fatigued them. I tried to retighten them and they wouldn't hold. It caused the same damage you described. I would look at the chain tension Kevin talked about, then this as possiblities before a weak wheel set.

I just bought RAD hubs so hope this is an isolated incident!

When you say the chain tension was "Exactly to spec" that gets my attention. Be sure to check the chain at more than one place when you set the tension. As you rotate the wheel, the chain will get tighter and looser. You set the tension at the TIGHTEST spot. Plus never set it at the min spec, because if the chain gets packed with sand then it will tighten up and be too tight. And yes sealed (i.e. o-ring, x-ring, z-ring, etc..) chains get packed with sand too (under the rollers). Not sure if this was the cause, but it is the most common cause for a broken hub.

This is very common with the excel wheel kits. I know about 4 people who have had the same problem. My guess is the Rad hub will have the same problem. I will not sell carrier wheel kits to anyone with a 250 2-stroke or a big 4 stroke. My guess is you did nothing wrong just to much bike for those small carrier screws.

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