So did anyone call the FBI?

So did anyone really call the FBI or not? Even if it was an idle threat, the call still needs to be made, if for no other reason than to make that guys life a living hell. It against the law to even make a terroist threat. Hollow or not.

Come on all

We are just at fault for antogonizing the bedaffled lil BoneHead. I am not taking it serious at all, the guy simply took a cheap shot and basicly showed how he could not handle the heat.

for that matter cant handle much more then a ex quad, so go figure.

If it makes everyone come to ease I can call over or send an email over to the chucrh to see what came in. I have nothing to hide, after all like I said. Me Pastor knows I am a bone head so wont be news to him :D

Any hoot he may find it funny

Well Cept Vegas's Shot :)

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Shawn, I called and someone else here faxed a copy of the transcript of yesterday's exchange. So I guess we will see what happens.

As far as this web sit goes, I don't see any reason "ahmad the quad god" should be allowed to post here for any reason. He should be thrown off the site and never be allowed to re-join.

I think too many people are forgetting 9-11 and didn't take what he said seriously, I think this is a mistake.

Mohammed Atta joked around in a bar the night before he flew a plane into the world trade center, it's not too funny now, is it??? :):D

Ratrace, go read the post entitled...."kick, kick, and kick some more".....the scumbag said he is going to win jihad by sending mail to ego's church.

you know its sad that little boy said what he said. im also a cop in utah, by reading the things he said i know he ment know wrong he got cought up talking **** and couldnt handle it. thats still know reason to make threats towards anyone or anything. I really have to say that their is some kick-ass people on this web. I wish i had enough cash to travel and ride with ya all. you people on TT talk are awsome, even you EGOAHOLE :):D:D:D

Ego I understand your sentiment, but I cant just let crap like that go. Its way too serious.

YZnvegas, thanks.

You guys dont understand

Im on the FBI Witness Protection

They will findme They will FInd Me

Ahhhhhhhhhh :D

Nah the guy was a dweb nothing more.

I have a call to the church just to see if anyhting was sent or he was just a frustrated lil flogger and had no other recourse or reaction

Gotta Go Lunch time, Wife wants to put me in a suit :D

I just dont undertsand why my riding gear is not ok to wear ata wedding :)

just fyi

if the fbi was notified, you are a sure bet that there monitoring. So as paranoid as I am I would curb the use of some language and syntax

Lets do code

So roll on the throttle means go for it

Stoppie means oh crap endo

knak knak means look I can crap with my feet higher then my nose :)

Code, Ego your off your rocker. :)

Ya know the whole thing was wierd. Why of all quadracicles did he pick the 400ex. Its about as foo foo as you can get. I think they come with a tue-tue! :D

Oh well, maybe they'll get Fox Mulder on the case :D

or even better yet, Dana Sculley!! woo hoo!


Well...he needs to lean NOT to even JOKE about terrorist actions. If someone had said that to my face, they would have been instantly drilled with every ounce of strength I had, right in the throat....let him meet his jihad mamma that way!

Ya know, back in my bar brawl days, my favorite responce to a bad retort was the classic head butt. Just grab the bastard by the collar and say hello to the bridge of his nose with the top of my forehead. Its amazing the chilling effect it can have on a loud mouth :)

In my bar brawl days ther was usually two hits him hitting me and me hitting the floor :)

Nah I usually would let them get the first solid punch in, Then its legal to simply WIndmill the SOB

Originally posted by RAT Racing:

i think that it was deleted because i can not find it. whoever it was, tell him to bring his jihad ass to NJ. I was at the WTC assisting and lost lots of brothers there. I have some beef for any coward that even wants to relate themselves to being in the ji-cowardass-had!

If he comes to New York, I'd like to see him. I too was at WTC for several weeks assisting and looking for lost brothers as well. We in the law enforcement community do not take this lightly. This chickensh#t must not be tolerated one bit.

Ratrace, the whole thread is gone. It was deleted.

I have to agree. I am a very joking guy but when it comes to this 9/11 stuff it is very serous to me/us. It’s not a matter to joke about. They hit us hard on that day with some cowardly acts only faceless wimps would do. I am also a LEO but regardless I take it serious. This act did prove to the world that in the worst of times WE will unite together as one. Lets not play around with 9/11.


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