White Bros. Pro Meg E-Series for sale .

I bought a E-series pro-meg pipe with a spark arrestor included from ShawnMC . I love it. But now that I have had the taste for aftermarket ,I want to try the Thunder Alley .I hear its awsome.Besides No one in South Dakota has one and I want to be the first one at the track with one .I want $145 plus shipping if interested let me know . :)

Well I guess ya got the pipe. Did ya ride with it yet? Gees, I feel like a one night stand over here :)

Yes I did ride with it . Its an awsome pipe. thanks for everything .( I just wanted to know what everyone is raving about . The way it sounds , the thunder alley is awsome .) I love the way the pro-meg sounds and feels - My bike ran stronger and sounded better. I wouldnt sell it so soon , but I gotta feed the need for the thunder alley . Whats your input on it . how do I get it ceramic coated in a hurry .The guy at Thunder Alley told me He was sending it to me on monday. I dont mean to wam , bam , thank ya mam . but It would be nice to sell the White Bros. pipe , to make the wife happy about ordering another one in such a short time . I do have a buddy with a 426 that might buy it . He has to see it first , and another buddy thats looking for a 426 that would probably want it if his doesnt come with an aftermarket pipe. Now I'm just rambling , Anyways thank you Shawn MC ( please tell me about your experience with the thunder Alley now that you have had it awhile.) :)

Its plain bitchen. I love the T/A pipe. Bob has a Ceramic Coater that can do it if he hasnt sent it yet. Im not sure about your area, but there are several places that do it around where I live. Its pretty common now. My pipe seemed like it made even more power after I had it coated. I took me about 4 rides get used to the Thunder Alley pipe. It just freakin rips. Its gonna have a very works look to it, because he (Bob) doesnt coat them with anything, so youll have to stay after it to keep clean.

is it a full system or just the canister? you can email me at et@penskeshocks.com thanks

Moto400f check your E-mail :)

Is there any place on the internet where you can find info on the Thunder Alley?

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