Needed: Mammoth Race Vet jr. entry

Due to an apparent mix-up. I am not entered in the upcomming Mammoth Mountain Motocross race. If anybody has an Vet jr. entry and would like to sell it I am very interested. Please help a fellow TTer out. Thanks in advance.

I am still looking. I will pay double entry fee.

I thought I read on the MM website that they aren't going to allow you to transfer entries? Or are you gonna just try and slide it by them....

I plan on contacting them and asking them to transfer the entry. I think their concern is people showing up on the line who are not registered.

I wish you the best of luck. My friend accidently sent his in twice because he wasn't sure if the first one made it and he called them and tried to transfer it to me before they even made the announcement of a class closure. This was on first wednesday after entries opened and I got shut down. Still taking the family up for the fishing, hoarse back riding and going to watch my friends race on saturday....

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