K&N for 426??

I was looking in Dennis Kirk last night and saw a K&N air filter for a yz 426. Has anyboby used one? Are they worth it? My old Banshee had one and it seemed to work very well and it seemed to give a little bit better power.

I have had one on my 01 426 for about a year now and love it, you will need to have a prefilter also (which does not require oiling). Since the prefilter is not oiled dust and dirt do not stick to it, thus requiring less filter cleanings.

The whole setup is a little tricky to mount, but once on, works great. It also flows about 20% more air.

What do you mean by hard to mount? Does'nt it mount like a stock filter or does it mount directly onto the carb? Another qusetion, do you have to clean it as often as a foam filter?

The mounting is similar to the stock foam filter, but it has a metal backing plate, I might just be paranoid, so I spent some extra time making sure it was all seated correctly.

What I have found by using the K&N and a prefilter, is I have not had to clean it as frequently.

I ride mostly in the dunes under dry condition.

Also, I noticed that my "ocassional plug fouling problem" has gone away(more air).

Be carefull with the K&N filters, they do not do a good job at all in catching dust and the smaller dirt particles. Here in the southeast where we get alot of dust, I don't of any riders using them. I had one 400EX rider bring in his quad with a K&N on it, filter looked great, sealed to airbox well, but all the dust and dirt was in his motor. I'm not saying they are all bad, just watch the conditions you ride in. The K&N help improve air flow and are less restrictive, and this typically means they will pass more of everthing.

I saw a K&N filter for the 426 in a local shop. When I picked it up my first impression was that the thing was heavy. They use a lot of steel on their filters....

K&N claims that their filters work better than foam filters, that is one of their sales pitches, is it true? If so, you get better filteration and more air, how could you go wrong?

P.S. Come on Ego, I KNOW that you have something to say about this too!!

hey idaho i had a K&N since i got my 426 a year ago from experience and from word of mouth it runs better a lil dirty but i love it and im going to always run it

I weigh 280 lbs. Weight is not an issue. :):D

[ June 06, 2002: Message edited by: idaho426 ]

yeah me to idaho426 im 6'6" 260 if i was worried about weight ill shed 20 off myself :):D:D

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