xr 600r smoking

Last fall while out tearing it up, I crashed and burned in some rocks. The bike landed on it's right side and slightly upside down, (on the side of a mountain). Now it's smoking blue smoke. I started it during the winter a few times, but thought it was due to the cold. Today is the 1st time I've really riden for more than a mile or so since the wipe out. Any ideas? Could the oil have gone up above the piston? Wouldn't it have burned out of there by now? Should I spray some break klean in the cylinder? Anything would help!! Thanks! :thumbsup:

is it using any oil ?

if so, how much ?

Sounds like you might still have oil in the upper end and possibly in the airbox if this bike were rubber side up for a bit.

cothmpr, Welcome to TT...Are you still around..

Kind of a old post, is it not..5/20/04....


Same thing happened to me last year. Tore it down and discovered the piston wrist pin clip had dropped out. Don't know how, don't know why. Sure as hell tore up the cylinder wall though cause I just kept riding it for a couple more monthes since I planned on a complete rebuild anyway..

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