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My ‘19 300rr Race Journal

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7 hours ago, Chief said:

While prepping the YamaBeta for tomorrow’s ride, I came across an idea. 

For a long time I haven’t had a bar pad on the YZ due to the Scott’s and sub-mount.

I looked at the Beta and thought about how simple and versatile the OEM bar pad mounts.



I’m going to order up another one, because with a little trimming, this should work out very nice. 

I can cut the clearance needed for the Scott’s stabilizer, the top will sit flat, and totally secure with the single zip-tie used for mounting it.


Mixing Italian and Japanese parts is racist. 🤣🤣🤣

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On 1/4/2020 at 4:20 AM, Edgecombe said:

Mixing Italian and Japanese parts is racist. 🤣🤣🤣

Two of my favorite places in the world. 😁

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Posted (edited)

Some Trials time with the little one today. 


It was a little chilly this morning. 



Edited by Chief
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Got distracted this with a different project.

After the last ride it was obvious someone was outgrowing their Oset  

Added some ‘Red Death’ to the garage this week. 🙄


Anybody looking for a Oset 12.5?


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Back to the Beta !!

Latest addition:


Added a couple mirrors. 

Still waiting on the turn signals to get here. 

If it looks like duck, quacks like a duck, must be a duck. 😉

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Long week, busy weekend. 

Started out last Monday riding with the little one.  

Ended up with a 50cc. 

Back out with the kid on Friday. 

Weather sorta held off on Saturday. 

Started the day in Dual Sport mode getting out of the staging area. 👍🏻


Mirrors folded in, ready for action.😁



This hill was special.(View from the bottom)


Combination of slick conditions, a layer of leaves, and a worn tire made it extra special. I’m in this pic somewhere after a failed attempt. (View from the top)


Made our way to the top of the peak. 


Then back through some more trail features. (Looking up at it)


Coming out of it. 


I’ve had enough time on the suspension now to figure out the next change.

The mid and bottom of the stroke are working great now at speed. But the last changes took away some of the good manners and tracking at slow speeds. 

I think opening the valving back up a bit at the top of the stroke will bring it all together. 

I did notice on the road section, there is a spot in the jetting just before it transitions to the main jet that the bike doesn’t like cruising at. 

Below that or once up on the main jet she’s a much happier machine. 

Then on Sunday, back out with the kids. 

The boy had to pull duty riding with the little one this time. 😁


Three days of riding and a bunch of dirty bikes. 


Spent all day today cleaning up.

The Beta is in need of some deeper cleaning and  maintenance. 

Thats OK, because this weekend I’ll be riding someone else’s bikes. Beta Demo Day!!

Looking forward to checking out the KYB equipped bikes, the 125/200 and the twin injector 350RS.



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