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My ‘19 300rr Race Journal

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7 hours ago, Chief said:

While prepping the YamaBeta for tomorrow’s ride, I came across an idea. 

For a long time I haven’t had a bar pad on the YZ due to the Scott’s and sub-mount.

I looked at the Beta and thought about how simple and versatile the OEM bar pad mounts.



I’m going to order up another one, because with a little trimming, this should work out very nice. 

I can cut the clearance needed for the Scott’s stabilizer, the top will sit flat, and totally secure with the single zip-tie used for mounting it.


Mixing Italian and Japanese parts is racist. 🤣🤣🤣

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On 1/4/2020 at 4:20 AM, Edgecombe said:

Mixing Italian and Japanese parts is racist. 🤣🤣🤣

Two of my favorite places in the world. 😁

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Posted (edited)

Some Trials time with the little one today. 


It was a little chilly this morning. 



Edited by Chief
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Got distracted this with a different project.

After the last ride it was obvious someone was outgrowing their Oset  

Added some ‘Red Death’ to the garage this week. 🙄


Anybody looking for a Oset 12.5?


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Back to the Beta !!

Latest addition:


Added a couple mirrors. 

Still waiting on the turn signals to get here. 

If it looks like duck, quacks like a duck, must be a duck. 😉

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Long week, busy weekend. 

Started out last Monday riding with the little one.  

Ended up with a 50cc. 

Back out with the kid on Friday. 

Weather sorta held off on Saturday. 

Started the day in Dual Sport mode getting out of the staging area. 👍🏻


Mirrors folded in, ready for action.😁



This hill was special.(View from the bottom)


Combination of slick conditions, a layer of leaves, and a worn tire made it extra special. I’m in this pic somewhere after a failed attempt. (View from the top)


Made our way to the top of the peak. 


Then back through some more trail features. (Looking up at it)


Coming out of it. 


I’ve had enough time on the suspension now to figure out the next change.

The mid and bottom of the stroke are working great now at speed. But the last changes took away some of the good manners and tracking at slow speeds. 

I think opening the valving back up a bit at the top of the stroke will bring it all together. 

I did notice on the road section, there is a spot in the jetting just before it transitions to the main jet that the bike doesn’t like cruising at. 

Below that or once up on the main jet she’s a much happier machine. 

Then on Sunday, back out with the kids. 

The boy had to pull duty riding with the little one this time. 😁


Three days of riding and a bunch of dirty bikes. 


Spent all day today cleaning up.

The Beta is in need of some deeper cleaning and  maintenance. 

Thats OK, because this weekend I’ll be riding someone else’s bikes. Beta Demo Day!!

Looking forward to checking out the KYB equipped bikes, the 125/200 and the twin injector 350RS.



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  I was out there too for the afternoon session. Had my Berg with me thinking there would be good riding aside from the tracks. I explored up river aways and toured all the homeless camps but I'm not a big fan of thick sand.

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Well...anyone getting any new bikes after today? I bought my 2020 300re back in November, so it's going to be another couple years before I buy another. After getting the new bike, I would really like to replace my '18 350 rr-s with either a new 350 or 430.

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Well...anyone getting any new bikes after today? I bought my 2020 300re back in November, so it's going to be another couple years before I buy another. After getting the new bike, I would really like to replace my '18 350 rr-s with either a new 350 or 430.

No new bike(s) for me, even though I thoroughly enjoyed most of the 2020 offerings in the afternoon session there.
The 250’s 2-smokes were my favorite. The 350rr-s was the best 4-stroke for me.
But that little track was still fun! All the Beta folks were, as usual great!
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You'll enjoy the 350. It was tame until you cracked the throttle and use the rpm's. Good balance.

The new 4t bikes didn't feel any different than what I already have. Just felt new.

250/300rr are fun. 430 and 500 are my picks. For my size they tracked the best, handled well inside and outside of corners, and popped over to the landing faces of the jumps the easiest. The 2t's are fun though.

The 390 everyone is raving over wasn't all that, it's not for me.

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Rode a few, liked them all, loved the race editions with the KYB’s. The 300 Race is the bike to get for what I ride.

The 200 is a blast, not sure if it’ll haul my 200 lb ass up a gnarly single track and I don’t have 10k to find out. But if they put KYB’s on it next year I just might.


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Hold on little birds, I’m gonna feed you. 

Been out riding, and breaking bikes 🙄, the past two days. 


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Ok.....Demo day. 

First I’ll get this out of the way. I didn’t notice any difference with the counter balanced engines. That’s me. I can jump from my YZ to my 300re to my buddies TE and vibrations don’t even register at all in my brain. It’s something that doesn’t bother me and is a non factor. 

I went there with a few specific questions to try and answer.

How noticeable are the changes and improvements across the 2020 line up?

How do the KYB’s on the 2020 300RE compare to the Sachs CC on my ‘19 300RE?

Which RS would I like the best?

How does the 125 and 200 stack up against each other?

Bikes I rode:

125rr, 200rr, 250rr, 300rr, 300re, 350rs, 390rs, 500rs, 200evo 

More people this year, so I didn’t get a chance to ride every bike. 

The course left a little bit to be desired. 

GP style track that was a bit slick at the beginning due to rain the day before.  By the end of the morning it starting to work in pretty good.

There was a small Endurocross type track in the middle of one of big corners on the course. This stayed muddy and slick the whole time.

Overall, the changes are noticeable and an improvement.  The chassis and ergos felt good, solid and responsive.  

I don’t think it’s enough for me to swap my  six month old ‘19 for ‘20. I’ll know more about that once I take my ‘19 back out. 

The KYB’s on the Race Edition felt good in stock form and were balanced well with the Sachs shock. 

But....to get me to run out and replace my ‘19, I’d like to see a KYB shock paired with the KYB forks. 

2021 maybe?

I liked all the RS’s. The different sizes definitely have different personalities. 

I’ve found I prefer the smaller displacements for my purposes. 

Last year I didn’t ride the RS’s, only the RE’s and my favorite was the 350.  

This year I only rode the RS’s and my favorite was the 390. For me it was more fun to ride. 

The 125 and 200 are both really fun bikes to ride. I like small bore two strokes. 

I rode both later in the morning after the track was starting to wear in. They were a lot of fun to flick around on the pipe around that track.

One of these would be a lot of fun on system trails and flowing single track. Might not be the best choice for a lot of the places I ride, but I wouldn’t be opposed to trying.

125rr : A lot of fun to ride. I was hoping to get to ride the RE version. I’ve been looking at this bike for the boy when he’s ready to move up.

200rr : I wish I could get more time on this displacement.  My brain kept going back and forth trying to decide if this bike was a 125 with a stronger bottom end or a 250 with a weaker bottom end. 

I liked that it felt and handled like a 125, with kind of a 250 feeling top end.

Wish I could spend  a day on one to get a really good feel for it. Also another bike under consideration for when the boy is ready to move up.

250rr: Probably my favorite displacement overall. This bike I really enjoyed riding. The 250 engine is a little more playful than the 300. 

I’ve considered a 250RE. It might possibly be the perfect combination I’m looking for.

300rr: Everything about this bike felt the same as the 300RE except the suspension. 

Even that wasn’t better or worse, just felt different.

I really like the way the RR’s look this year. Superb job with the styling and livery. Much better than the RE in my opinion.

What’s nice about the 300 is the bottom end and the ability to pull itself out of the low RPM’s. 

300RE:  The KYB’s are sweet. The bike I was on felt like it was set up for me.

From what I was able to tell, the forks and shock were balanced really well and the valving was very close to what I would want.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any big terrain features like braking / acceleration bumps, rocks, etc.. to  come to a conclusion.

350rs: I’m really not a 4-stroke guy, but I almost need a plated bike. 

I am starting to see some of the advantages the 4 strokes have in some forms of racing.

Especially the conditions and type of course we were on. The front end stuck a little better in the corners and it was easier exiting in the slippery conditions.

I tend to like smaller 4 strokes, like the YZ250FX.

Anyway, I liked the 350.  It seemed  a little boring, but I figured there are ways to work with that through gearing or something.  I forgot to check which CS sprocket (13 or 15) was on it. That would make a big difference.

390rs: Then I got on this bike and was surprised.

The 390 was more fun to me. Had more pop and more aggressive off the bottom end. Reminded me of what I like about the 250FX.  

This is the RS I would choose for me and the type of riding I have in store for it. 

500rs: I think this bike was smoother than the 390. It would make a great bike if I was covering longer smoother distances, or the occasional run over to Starbucks. A really good choice if you plan on having a steady diet of tarmac along with dirt.

The best thing about all the RS’s is that they ran great in stock engine configuration.  None of that hokey modification garbage that needs to be done to other orange and white bikes.

200EVO: I was excited to try this bike because it seems like my 300EVO Factory can be a bit much at times for my skill level. In other words, it’ll put me on my ass pretty quick if I’m not paying attention. 

Unfortunately, the little area we had to test them in was really muddy and slick.  I really wasn’t able to get a good impression.

To sum it up....yes the bikes are improved and very nice.  

The course we had to ride didn’t provide a good opportunity to really test any of the suspension to its limits.

I should have the projects done on my ‘19 done this week so I can give a post demo day comparison.

Theres a bunch more details about the day floating around in my head, so feel free to ask about anything more specific. I’m sure I have an opinion for you.🤣

I may repost this as it’s own thread as well.  

Edited by Chief
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On 1/19/2020 at 8:57 AM, singletrackjim said:

Chief can you give a review on the bikes you rode. I was scheduled for the morning time slot, but family came first this time around.

Finally got some time to write an overview.  

Posted above.  

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Current and upcoming Beta projects:




Upcoming YamaBeta project to repair damage from a big stick on the last ride:


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