Question for those of you more skilled then me, what handling characteristics come from changing wheelbase lengths? For example by adding two links to your chain, moving the axle back from stock. The reason I ask this, I've been running a 52 tooth on the rear, with stock chain (shorter WB) but in changing to a larger tire I noticed instability at higher speeds (led to injury). Just replaced my chain with two more links, axle now moved way further back (long WB). Will this in it self add more weight to the front of the bike and improve higher speed control? I did also install a Scott's Stabilizer prior to the chain. Sorry for the long winded question...Thanks :thumbsup:

ps..I race (poorly) CC and Desert. Lots of single track woods for fun :awww:

Short wheel base will give your quicker handling but make the bike more unstable.

Long wheel base better stability but not as quick of handling.

Ditto plus it wheelies a little less and climbs hills better! :thumbsup:

Thanks, I was hoping to hear that it prevent's going over the handlebar's too :thumbsup:

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