Fun Thread??

I don't know if this has been done before but thought it might be fun.

We've all had occurrences while working on our bikes, goof ups, phenomenons, fell into a pot of crap and came out smelling like roses etc.

I'd like to start with the phenonemon of "The elusive 10mm wrench" Where do these tools go? I have four 10mm wrenches and when I need one there's none to be found. I always put them back into the tool box, honest, scouts honor. When I finally find the 10mm it's usually the one made at the Cheng Fu foundry. Not the Proto nor the Craftsman! Is there a 10mm wrench black hole out there? It never happens to the 12, 13, or even 14mm wrenches. I think I'm going to attach a chain to the 10mm wrenches like they do with the pens at the bank! That should solve it.


This may fizzle out right here but what the heck.

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My problem is with 8mm wrenches and sockets. All I have left are the Cheng Fu foundry wrenches and my Craftsman and Matco wrenches/sockets have vanished. I must have lost about 7 or 8, I swear!

I think they roll under my truck, get lodged in the knobbies of the tires and then when I roll down the street, they fling off into the neighbors yard and then he runs them over with his lawn mower and trashes the cutting blades...i always see him wrenching on his mower....wierd :)

Does any have a wife/girlfriend who is jetted too lean?

I think my wife is definitely running lean - way too much air coming through. On riding weekends its "no, no, no you can't ride, I need you to move this, fix that, clean the doo-hickey, then bath the kids before you can even think about it." She is definitely hard to jet and quite finicky. More so than an FCR carb. I tried a DTTM (Don't Talk To Me) needle but that worsened it.

Any suggestions?

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Both the 10 & 8 mm wrench problem is the same exact issue regarding socks when you wash them.

You can always put a pair o socks in the wash, dry them and get one back.

Here is my believ in what happens, I thik the sock that is missing turns into fluffy particles. and clings to the rest of your cloths

Hold on the best is coming

Now the next time you take a shower and clean your belly button :) All that Lint you find

Yup thats the Sock

Case Closed

As far as the wrench's go, I think that every garage has 10mm wrench trolls that all they do is wait in the shadow for you to place it on the ground and they run grab it and thats it gone forever.

Oh ya the wife thing, Thats cus all women are missing the white chromozone, This is the one chromozone thats enhances rational thinking

There ya go

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My dog takes everything I dare put on the ground.

Plugs, jets, screws, pliers, sockets.

Anything that is to tireing to move will be chewed.

Victims So far:

Arnette goggles: chewed so bad, you don't even think it was a pair of goggles in a previous life

Fox gloves: They are now the open, cooler version with holes to flow air.

Friends RX 7 helmet: New visor was only solution to regain sight.

I need a metal detector to find everything she has burries!!

I did the BK mod on my wife(be kind)it's amazing how a little butt kissing reduces the hesitation for her to let me go riding :)

although don't go overboard,only do it a few days before the ride as she may expect it all the time,and if she is smart she will catch on as my wife seems to have.


Ya I know that first hand, I slipped some HIgh Octain in last night , we went out shopping for me to get cloths for a wedding :D (STill Cant figure Out My Riding Gear isnt approriate to wear :D )

Any way I walked by the suits :)

and said hey babe I make this look good, So I let her think she got me into a suit

Real motivation was, RIDE RIDE RIDE

and oh ya I get to go riding today after work :D

I was in the garage the other day working on my bike with my trusty pal. (my protection trained Rottweiler). Well I always chain him to my Sea-Doo trailer. Mind you this is the same trailer I always seem to set nuts and bolts and tools that I'm using on. Well, some dude walked up really fast and was just looking shady. My dog went out to the end of the chain full blast ready to protect his master and while doing so, threw all the little nuts and parts all over the garage floor. FUNNY AS HELL!!!!

Getting the wife perfectly jetted is impossible. The climate changes during the transitions and throws all of your specs out of wack before you can effect them usually. I say run her hard and lean and if she burns up, you needed a new one anyway. Its a hell of a way to run the wife, but what else ya gonna do? I cant believe there hasnt been a recall on the whole lot of'em. My wife at this very moment is pinging and knockin so hard, she gonna throw something for sure. Just not sure what! Always seems to be about the fourth lap of the month, and she pratically siezes up everytime. And just prior to nosing over, the noise, oh my god the noise. My poor kids.

AHHHH Man do I hear you about the wife! Just today she called me at work and said "I just got a babysitter for the kids and was hoping we could go to the track in the morning before work. I'll have you back by 12:00, I promise." See what I mean? It is hard to live with, but I am learning, but dont get me started about flathead and phillips screwdrivers! Need one, got 50 of the other, and visa versa.


All this talk about wives I can't believe no one has mentioned the "Put away" theory.

This is when you place something very important to you on for example the kitchen table, because you know you are going to need it very soon anyways. Then the wife "puts it away." Away is the last spot you are going to check when you don't find it where you left it.

But sure enough, if you ask her where it is she will look at you like you are the idiot and then tell you where it is. You go look and still can't find it. Then she comes running and grabs it still from some dark corner that you overlooked..


Where the hell is my torque wrench.....?

I left it right here.


3 days later, oh yeah, that's where I put it.

(On the entertainment center shelf, in the den)

PS - I got my wife jetted just perfect! You have to get the special needle part #D1-v0r-C3, works like a champ!

My Aunt Marilyn fed some of her boiled cabbage to my dog, Lonnie. I was surprised that he ate, but I was even MORE surprised when he suddenly began trying to mate with my neighbor's little boy's battery operated 4-wheeler. That plastic piece of junk has no soft curves and the damn thing smells funny. What gives?


I think you solved the mystery. I'll have to check the dryer, that explains all the noise!

Oh my god shawn that is funny :D:D:D

I can relate to the kids losing tools. I was working on the bathroom this weekend and I cought my 5 yr old boy heading to the yard with my Craftsman hammer. Visions of my dad screeming at me holding a rusty tool discovered after a winter in the snow. WOW reality check. :D:):D

13mm spaners and 6mm allen keys????????


My wife finally said "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" and bought herself a TTR125L. Today, she is out riding while I am at work.

Magnetic Oil:

The other night, I was changing the oil in my trusty stead. Normally, I drain the oil from all the appropriate places, put the frame and crankcase drain plugs back in, and move the drain pan out of the way. But for some reason, I didn't move the drain pan. Normally, I am not too clumsy, but I dropped every tool I was using as well as my freshly cleaned oil filter. Maybe the tools just felt like they needed lubrication and the filter really liked the old oil and couldn't bear the thought of leaving it. :)

This has to do with my friends street bike. He changed the oil and was in a hurry to get out and ride. He gets on it and fires it up, starts to move forward and feels a bump???? He looks around and doesn't see anything so starts to take off again and the bike doesn't go anywhere??? He looks back at the wall behind him and it is black and covered with oil!!??? He had pulled forward into his drain pan and just spun the wheel and coated the inside of his fender, the wall and everything behind the bike!!! :D:):D:D I laughed so hard when he told me this that I almost fell down!!!

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