rear brake cylinder

How can I tell if my rear cylinder is shoot, i lost my rear brake in the middle of an enduro rode it out only flew over the bars 3-4 times, anyhow i thought maybe i lost fluid but the reservoir was full no air in the lines so i am guessing it's the cylinder. How do i check for sure before dumping money into a new one. thanks guys.

Take it apart and check the plungers for cuts, you will have to inspect everything make sure there is a good seal.

If the cylinder it's self appears to be in good shape, you should be able to get a rebuild kit from the dealer or an accessory company, try Breaking.

If you were pushing on the pedal and the brake felt like it was normal but wouldn't stop, the pads may have been overheated or coated with something.

If you pushed the pedal and it felt soft, traveled too far, or felt like iut wasn't connected to anything, you could have a bad cylinder. But, if it felt OK after it cooled off, and you didn't do anything for it but let it get cold, you may have overheated the fluid and caused it to boil. (Bubbles are bad) Try flushing out all the old fluid with new by keeping the master cylinder full while letting the fluid drain through the open bleeder. You might have to pump it out, but probably not. If you do, be sure to close the bleeder before you let up on the pedal. Be certain you're using the recommended fluid, as DOT 3 & DOT 4 are not interchangeable.

thanks, after reading your reply my cylinder is gone when you push down on the brake it goes way to far plently of fluid and I did make sure there were no bubbles in the lines.. Does anyone have one for sale or know where i can get one. thanks..

If you buy a new one....get the 03 YZ450F unit. It has an integrated res and works great. You will have to modify the subframe (cut the tab off that holds the current fluid res).


I will buy it, do you take paypal, shoot me an email at

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