Which 13 tooth sproket?

I've read a few posts on the 13 tooth front sproket for the 650r. Is there a problem with the mounting holes on the Moose? What brand are any of you running that switched to the 13tooth? Any advice would be appreciated.



i have a moose 13t - i had no problems with the mounting :thumbsup:

i will get an ironman 13t next time :awww:

jeff :lol:

Primary Drive front sprocket is $7 and works great!

Does Primary Drive sell a 13T for an XR650?

I have one.

I purhcased a moose sprocket from a honda dealer and was not able to use it because the holes were off (very slight). I purchased another one and it went on fine, no problem.

The sprocket works great and I will buy another one from moose when this one wears. I think the problem with the holes was probably a freak slip when drillling on the press, and as is my luck with almost everthing I buy it just seems to happen to me.

Thanks for the input!

Gary :thumbsup:

I have one.

My Rocky Mtn. Catalog only shows part #'s for the 14T and 15T. Does anyone have the # for the 13T? :thumbsup:

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