MX-Tech & FFR together again!

Jeremy Wilkey of MX-Tech fame will be at the Springfield weekend and the Peoria HotShoe and National assisting FastForwardRacing rider #97 RJ Overholt.

MX-Tech and FFR have a long standing relationship working with DTX bikes that goes back 10+ yrs.

"Jeremy is the best in the business...he knows exactly what is needed to make the DTX bikes work. Between Jer, Eric Gorr, and myself we have accumulated more Amateur National Titles than all the others combined. With some good showings at the pro nationals, we are looking to expand our resume to include some Pro wins to that list."

Way to go bud....after a little more dirt riding, I want to convert my CRF to a streeter...of course I will have to get a new MX machine cuz I ain't giving that up just yet

Kick some butt guys. :thumbsup:

I was suposed to be leaving for Beaver Dam this am for the North East Nationals, but with the weather/rain this week end, it ain't gonna happen. This sucks!! Good to hear your good news though Tryce :thumbsup:.

Those pro wins are tough to come by.

Good luck guys. :thumbsup:

Those pro wins are tough to come by.

You got that right!!! Best result so far at a GNC was at Sprigfield ST last fall. 3rd Fastest qualifier, front row for the main. Ran 5th for 1/2 the race and faded to 10th.

Hopefully we can improve on that next weekend at the TT.

after a little more dirt riding, I want to convert my CRF to a streeter...

Aha, I knew you were up to something when you told me that you were going to keep the CRF :thumbsup:

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