Non gripper seat options

What's out there that fits that's not oem that's not a gripper seat? Does One Industries have a non gripper style seat?

Looking for YZ seat

Just curious - why a non-gripper seat? I have the OEM and have been wanting a gripper seat to stop falling off the back when I am accelerating.

There are several companies that make them. Just hit your local dealer, tell them to give you the catalog and search for what you like.

I do not understand why you would not want one, but IMS, CEET make them.....I may have extra YZF stock seat cover also....

I have a seat cover id sell... black on top with dark and light blue striped sides. Retails for around $60 i think. So if you want it id sell for $25 shipped. Let me know, thanks

Also, you can just go to the local fabric store and get some good quality vinyl. Just cut it to the shape of your seat and staple away :)

At first it is all wrinkley, but it eventually stretches and they all go away.

Thanks for the replies.

Yeah, I want the blue black vinyl thing. Mainly because of what I've heard about monkey butt.

I've never actually ridden a gripper seat so I can't say that I wouldn't like it. However, I don't currently have a prob with my seat and sliding (maybe I'm just not riding fast enough)so I figure why mess around with desitin and all that other stuff. Just seems like my "baggy" Oneal hardwear pants would grabbing on the insides of my thighs but I'd still be sliding.

Anyway, the cover by itself won't do me. I need an entire seat (foam and frame). If someone knows where I can purchase the foam and frame seperate and add the cover I'd certainly be willing to go that route.

Thanks for the help.


My gripper seat eliminated all signs of monkey butt. Havent tried it with baggies though.


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