Stillwater, OK

My brother recently moved to Oklahoma & we are considering meeting at what looks to be a city park in Stillwater, OK. Has anyone ridden there & is it worth the trip or do you have any better suggestion in OK? He lives about 1 hour north of OK City.



Hey there,

What type of riding are you looking for? The parks and recreation is a good place to ride...Has a 10 to 12 mile lap of trails that consist of all types of terrain and then has a small older mx track in the middle of it to play on, with some out the creek bottom type jumps...and there is also a new place called redbank 51 just west of stillwater now, that is an upcoming mx track. havent been there in awhile so dont know what has been done to it, but you can see it from the highway so you might want to check it out. then there is Cooperland MX park, that hold practice on tues and thurs and sat. website is well thats all I know for now, have fun!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for the info. I like Hare Scramble type riding and friendly mx tracks. Does Cooperland have trails? I've seen his place in video's and it looks awesome put probably a little to jumpy for me.


Contact BSwift at DRN. He lives out there. There is a section of land next to Cooperland called the 500. It's 500 acres of trails.

DRN's Dirtweek '02 is at Cooperland this year. BSwift has helped in getting it set up. He should be able to tell you anything you want to know about it.

I've ridden at Stillwater Cycle park many times. They have good trails there. That track will bite ya in the ass if you aren't careful though. It has the uphill triple that MC jumps in Steel Roots 1. I've also ridden the track out by the is a fun gp style track. Come down to OKC on Tues or Thur nights for practice at Douglas and 59th (Motorcycle Raceway) and Sat night for racing. Lake Stanley Draper in OKC has some good trail riding also.

hey there people, that is some good info guys I had forgot about Lake Draper, there is good riding there and its only $2 for a day pass...hey cobra, do you ride 59th and douglass any? I was just wondering since you mentioned it, I do not come to the practices but have been to all the races thus far...thought maybe could hook up or something??? have fun!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah I ride/race Douglas and 59th. I'm injured right now though...haven't ridden in a few months. I'll be out there this weekend taking pics. e-mail me: or AIM: MXCobra314 Here's some of my buddy Jason from a couple of weeks ago...



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59th douglas is a good track. If you go watch out for the 68 foot table top and the second double on the back side, it's a little farther than you think. If you like trail riding check out Its the Oklahoma Cross Country Racing Association. I belive they have 15 races all over Oklahoma. It gives you a good look at a lot of different locations.

hey cobra, I'll be there this weekend to race, Im on a 98 400 #24 in the 250 Beginner the way, this weekend is a NMA qualifier and Gold Cup race, do you know if they run a beg. class for the nma, I have heard different stories from people...


Nice pics by the way, I liked that track layout...

I'll be there...not sure about the Beg race. I don't see why they wouldn't race though. Look for a BIG Mofo wearing a grey "199" hat taking pics.

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