Sloppy shifter

The shifter on my WR has a lot of slop between it and the shifter shaft. It can move up a solid quarter of an inch before the slop is gone. The bolt that holds it on is tight so I am wondering if anyone else's bike is like this or if my shifter lever needs to be replaced. If so does anyone make a nice billet piece that won't wear out? Thanks, Eric


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My friends 96' XR400 shifter shaft is completely stripped out and so is his we "jimmy rigged" it if you will, this is what we did/tried!

What not to do: dont attempt to weld the shifter to the shaft (it will melt the seal behind the shifter and it will leak oil), Next, do not drill a hole through the shaft (because the metal is brittle and will break)!

What we did: We drilled and tapped a hole/bolt inbetween the shaft and the shifter freeplay, we did 2 of them one at the top on the shaft and one at the bottom (because when you downshift and upshift the force is applied to each of the bolts) we then put JB weld on the threads of the 2 bolts and screwed them into the threads that we just tapped! We originally did this for a "quick fix" so that we could ride that weekend...but that was 10 months ago and the shifter is still holding up great with no freeplay! You can also just take 2 sheet metal screws (the ones with blades on the tip) and screw them inbetween the shaft and the shifter, along with JB weld). This method works good but only lasts about 5 or 6 rides (this is what we origianlly did)

You may not want to "jimmy rig" your bike but hey it works very well and it is cheap to do (or free if you have the drill and tap) You may just want to replace the shaft? Which is not very hard all you have to do is take off the right engine cover and "punch" the shaft out and put the new shaft in (you must keep it in neutral)! Hope I didnt confuse you too much! Email me if you have any questions!



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I had the same unfortunate deal with my 99. I tried alot of jury rigs, some held up for a while. I broke down and bought an IMS lever and bolted it on. Big mistake, it soon did the same thing. So next time I replaced the shaft too. Garrett is right, it is easy to replace the shaft by removing the right side cover. I locktited the bolt and never had a problem after that.

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