And Yet Another Fun Thread

Dan go with the WR my buddy has a 02 brand new wr426. That bike is so sweeeeeeeeetttttttttt.

If your undecided look at it this way

Price out what it would cost to replace a top end or a trannie, or even just gaskets.

Maintenance Cost Factor = Sale of Bike

To All

This is so cool: All the differant variants of bikes Keep em comming

Am I really the only one here who has ever owned a Goldwing? Or am I the only one who will admit that I had a Goldwing? :)

The Later I assume

But I got to admit the guy who listed his intruder

Thast balls :D

Any Honda Rebel Owners out there


Nothing wrong with a gold wing at all

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Does it help if I said I rode the Intruder in Philadelphia traffic?!?!?!

Hey at that point in my life, anything with two wheels and a motor was a good thing

Jason :)

No worries a bikes a bike

Well Maybe not Hummmmmmmm

The Honda Rebel Hahahahahahahaha

Originally posted by racemile:


Does it help if I said I rode the Intruder in Philadelphia traffic?!?!?!

you have my sympathy if you drive anything in Philadelphia traffic. I think its safer driving in Afghanistan! :)

197? Yamaha 60

1976 YZ 80

1979 YZ 80

1979 YZ 250

1982 YZ 250

1984 YZ 490

1988 CR 500

1994 CR 500

1999 WR 400

2001 WR 426

I have only had a few bikes

1982 Z50

1986 CR80

1988 CR80

1990 CR125

1991 CR125


1993 CR125

1995 CR125

1996 CR250

1997 CR250

1998 CR250

1999 CR250

2000 CR250

2001 YZ426F


2001 426

my first bike

2002 250f

my second bike

1973 sl-70 (started it all)

1968 suz 125 twin cyl enduro kinda

197? Gemini Boss 80

1974 cr 125

1978 bultaco pursang 250

rd 350

rd 350

500 Kaw triple (Wobblesaki)

1982 yz 490 (that one hurt a lot of people)

1985 cr 250

1988 cr 250

1958 Matchless 650

1965 BSA Lightning

1973 60 mini enduro

1992 kx 250

1982 xr 185

1996 kx 250

1999 kx 250 (310 big bore)

1999 pw 50

01 yz 426

02 xr 70

Lots of memories here

76 cr125 (Something broke every ride) - first bike

86 cr125

91 dr350 dual-sport

87 it490

96 xr400

92 cr500

86 xl600

01 xrl650

O boy here we go.

3 1/2 hp mini bike

1976 Hodaka Road Toad

1978 Suzuki RM80

1981 Can-Am 175

1983 Kaw KX125

1984 KTM 250 MX

1985 Honda CR250

1986 Kaw KX125

1986 Kaw KX500

1987 Kaw KX250

1988 out with broken wrist

1989 Yam YZ250

1991 KAW KX250

1994 KAW KX125

1995 HON CR250

1995 HON CR125

1997 KAW KX250

1998 YAM YZ400F

SOON YAM YZ426F after 3 years off.


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another Hodaka! I love it. Those bikes were the shiznit back in the day!!! :):D:D

96 klr 250

97 klxr 650

95 xrl 650

95 lc4 400

93 wr 250

97 400 exc

97 300 exc

00 yz 426

and another few junks

61 bmw r27

89 jawa with side car

and lots of automatic scooters, my previous is a piaggio hexagon 250 gt

Ok .. here they are in order of ownership -

Solid Frame Tecumseh Powered Minibike

1985 XR80

1988 XR80

1989 DR100

1984 CR80

1989 CR80

1991 CR80

1986 LT230 Quad Runner

1988 YZ125

1997 RM125

1998 RM125

1999 RM125

1999 RM250

2001 YZ125

2001 YZ250F

2001 YZ426F

2001 YZ250F

I am brand new to all this so the list is kind of wimpy! I would have given anything if I were exposed to this when I was a kid. Probably wouldn't have played all those other sports if I had. Baseball, golf and tennis did pay for school though!!

YZ250F- Mine

TTR125- Wife

TTR90- Son(11y/o)

TTR90- Daughter(10y/o)

Sorry for waiting so long since my last post...wasnt' keeping track of this posting....

THUMPIN' ROCK HUCKER: I'll get you a pic as soon as I get another digital camera...I blew up my old one coming down from a wheelie a bit hard with the camera in the rear compartment...should be a week or so. My Fav? I REALLY REALLY LOVE the RC51. There's something to be said for driving down a 5-lane street and setting off EVERY car alarm on the block...not just arming them..SETTING THEM OFF. Driving down tight/business districts where the echo of the V-twin can bounce back and forth off of the store windows sounds HEAVENLY. But my Dream bike has always been the Silver 955i. I bought that bike as a totaled bike (went through a fire) as a frame, engine and a pair of forks..I built the rest of the bike off of ebay. As far as screwing around..the ZX12 is the best for hooligan-ing. Light weight, EASY wheelies in 3rd, looks unique, and it's not like the 'busa, where you see one on every corner. 85k? I'm not sure about that..I'm still making payments on a couple of them, but most were either salvage bikes that I rebuilt, or deals that I got from friends.

FASTFRANK: Yeah, that's 2 ZX9's. I'm not really impressed with myne..they are mainly dropped to the duty of 'neighborhood whore'. Friends who don't have a bike or need a loaner use them. I HATE carb's. They are a bit on the portly side, and although they hit hte powerband a bit harder than the other I4's, they could really stand to give up a bit of the powerband for some lower-end grunt. They are fun, and the 'ninja' is still the 'original' crothch rocket, after the Z1, of course.

The 'Hopper'

Bikes and Quads:

Briggs&Stratton minibike (HAHAHA)

197? XR 75

197? MR 175

197? XL250

1984 200 yamaha 3 wheeler

1985 TRI-Z 250 (my first true love)

1985 honda 200s 3 wheeler

1986 200 fourtrax (my daughters now)

197? cr 125

1996 XR 250

1996 RM 250

Present bikes and quads:

1999 350 Big Bear 4x4 (this can be seen at , just do a search)

1985 200X 3 wheeler

2001 blaster (for sale)

198? XR 80

1997 KLX 300 (my son's)

2001 YZ 426 (NEED I SAY MORE)

1972 CB125

1974 CB450

1979 Harley Sportster

1985 CX500

1987 CX500

1990 Harley Sportster

1995 ZX11

1997 ZX7

1994 YZ250

2000 YZ250

2001 YZ426


2003 ZX12 If I can't talk the wife into it.

Rupp mini bike

1971 honda ct 70

Kawasaki 100 enduro

1973 suzuki TM 125


99 YZ 400

TTR-125L sons bike

forgot 2002 Honda shadow ACE 750

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